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Update your Master Server Addresses

bullet_none in Masters & Auth - posted Friday, 03 December 2010 by FrozenSand
Edit: The people hosting our .net DNS have updated the records to fix this. Please wait 12 hours before asking for support. After this time, the problem will be fixed. 02:30 GMT 5th December 2010, RaideR
Warning: You must update this to fix the server list. If you don't do this you will not be able to get a server list from the master servers!


Please change your cl_master value by entering the following line into your console.

cl_master ""

If you want to set this in a config you can use the following.

set cl_master ""

Custom builds can not at this time be fixed by the above method. The maintainers for these builds will need to fix the error. They have been emailed!

Server Admins

Edit: Above has been fixed! Please check the forums for details.
Please edit your server configs to change the master servers that your server sends heartbeats to.

set sv_master2 ""
set sv_master3 ""

After this is set you must restart your server. Quit it and start it up again. The changes are only done on a FULL restart of the server process.


Due to a change in our network setup the .net DNS has broken and we are unable to fix this. Until everyone does this the ingame browser is effectivly broken.



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