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Urban Terror
Urban Terror 4.1.1 update

in Urban Terror - posted Thursday, 20 January 2011 by FrozenSand

Old Favourites for 4.1

We are releasing all the maps that were updated for Urban Terror 4.1 including Docks, Swim, Ricochet, Uptown, and more.

These maps do not meet our quality standards that we have planned for Urban Terror HD, so we thought it was best to release them in an update pack for Urban Terror 4.1 !

We have also included the updated player skins that were tested months ago in 4.1. We hope you enjoy playing some of your old favourites in 4.1 while we work on.

Urban Terror 4.1.1 Update

page_white_zipUrbanTerror411_update.zipmd5: 20816a814abc900386555df23b52bc54

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To install, unzip the pk3 files inside your q3ut4 directory.

error WARNING This update can break compatibility with 4.1 servers. Request the admins to update their servers.
Edit: It seems that some custom maps are not compatible with this update. Just remove the custom maps from your q3ut4 directory.
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