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UrT Resurgence
Urban Terror HD Faster For Older Systems

in UrT Resurgence - posted Sunday, 01 April 2012 by FrozenSand
Not everyone can afford a gaming rig. In the current economic climate, Frozen Sand has decided that the best way forward is to help cater for players who are struggling with poor frame rates in Urban Terror.

This was not an easy task. We found that older systems graphics hardware and drivers were just not good enough to display our new visuals. After much discussion within the team,
we decided to write our own renderer for older systems.

Urban Terror HD will feature a new terminal renderer. Yes, thats right, anything with terminal emulation and 16 colour support can play Urban Terror! There is much work to be done still, but it looks promising.

Our new minimum specs for Urban Terror are now:
386 DX
32Mb RAM
CGA graphics and above (16-colour support required)

This was indeed inspired by vi-oquake3, that was developed for the ioquake3 project. However, we noted this method had a drawback being framed within vi; switching between insert and command mode would not have suited Urban Terror's fast gameplay.

Now for the goodies - a video showcasing Urban Terror with the new renderer!

Please feel free to comment in our forum.

April Fools! - Hope you had a good one :D


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