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Urban Terror
[4.2] Bugs Squashed

in Urban Terror - posted Wednesday, 03 October 2012 by FrozenSand

We killed many bugs !

Please update your Urban Terror 4.2 to version 002 as soon as possible.

information Players, to update your Urban Terror 4.2, simply run the UrTUpdater, follow the onscreen instructions. and it should automatically update your game to the latest version including all the fixes we made.

alert Server admins please pay attention, you will need to re-download the UrTUpdater_ded before updating your game server !!

system_linux Linux Server (32 Bit)
system_linux Linux Server (64 Bit)


Fixed the server crash issue.
Fixed the login page in the game menu.
Fixed the authentication system, including the auth issue on linux x86_64 systems.
Fixed the server log line truncate when the lines have more than 1024 chars.
Fixed arm bands rgb, custom colored armbands should work again.
Fixed the bleedout bug.
Fixed hits, shooting in the knees is no longer registered as a vest hit.
Fixed cg_drawKillLog 0 now only shows hits.
Fixed the helmet no longer becomes "white" on the map Sanctuary.
Fixed the medic bug, it goes as fast as intended now.
Fixed the "killsss" typo that was showing in the FFA scoreboard.
Fixed 100% cpu usage dedicated servers.
Fixed the "Quake3-UrT_Logitech_Game_Recognition.reg" file for players with Logitech mouses.
Fixed the size of the G36.
Fixed the Nuke, server admins can nuke players again: /rcon nuke <playername/id>.
Fixed the kick vote.

Other changes

Updated the maps Kingdom, Raiders and Casa. You should not get stuck anymore, also no more hiding inside rocks.
Updated the SPAS12 so it has 20 pellets instead of 11 and adjusted the damage accordingly.
Added back a laser to the AK103, like how it was in 4.1.
Added a mapcycle.txt file for servers.
Default /rate raised to 16000 instead of 3000.
Potentially fixed the FPS issue.
Auth-ban and the bans on our website are now fully functional.
Updated the /rcon auth-whois command to show more infomation.

Please continue to give us feedback in our forums.


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