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Urban Terror News

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Wanted: Forum Moderators!

in Website & Forum - posted Tuesday, 12 February 2008 by FrozenSand
Interested in helping out? Giving back to the community? Providing answers to Urban Terror questions? Want respect and a warm, fuzzy feeling of a job well done? Okay, maybe not all that. You could get warm and fuzzy.

There are currently a few opening for those desiring in giving back to the community by taking on the role of Urban Terror Forum Moderator. We have gone the past few years with two, great moderators helping out in the forums. Unfortunately both of those individuals have shifted their priorities, which opens up the door for more gamers to get involved.

So if you frequent the Urban Terror Forums and want to get involved and help out, check out the WANTED: Forum Moderators post in the General Urban Terror Discussion. Prerequisites are not too stringent, be active and involved with Urban Terror, knowledgeable and someone who frequents the forums.

Not sure we can guarantee you fame and fortune, but you will have a great time being involved and giving back to the community.

Friday Night FragFest: |HSO| Style

in Leagues - posted Friday, 08 February 2008 by FrozenSand

While Urban Radio will not be heard this weekend, there is still plenty to get excited for as Clan |HSO| in conjunction with TLOG [The League of Gentlemen] bring you a special weekend full of action.

The week the special theme weekend sponsored by Clan |HSO| will feature two never before played levels. This weekend beginning at 11PST/14EST/20CET you can join |HSO| and TLOG as they bring you Denton by Mercury and Vasey by Ed.

You can download the level from the Clan |HSO| web site or for those using the io version of Urban Terror you can automatically download when you connect to the server. You can also join #|HSO| of #TLOG on Quakenet and leave your feedback regarding the levels on the |HSO| Forum.

The server IP for the special frag weekend is, you can also connect to their TS2 server at So what are you waiting for? Get inside the game and go where Quake meets reality!

Urban Radio - Saturday 02 February @ 10PST/18GMT

in Urban Radio - posted Thursday, 31 January 2008 by FrozenSand
Hey, for those who missed it we had a great show, maybe it will teach you NOT to miss the next Urban Radio. If you want to listen to the archived show you can download the mp3 file from FileCloud. Thanks to everyone who tuned in today!

For more information visit the Urban Radio page or type !radio using IRC in urbanterror on ETG or Quakenet.

Urban Radio - Saturday, 26 January

in Urban Radio - posted Friday, 25 January 2008 by FrozenSand
That's right terrorists, we are reloaded and ready to bring another excited episode of URBAN RADIO. Last week's show was a smashing success on both the audio stream courtesy of iTG and the video side, seen live on Stickam Video.

This week we have another full show, while I won't have a co-host, BladeKiller will return in an upcoming show to give you her take on the game, the community and Urban Terror in general. We will have an Urban Radio Server of the Week up and running courtesy of a supportive clan from the UK.

If you missed last week's show, we now take your calls, live on the air. Just install the latest version of TeamSpeak. Spellbinder acts as my screener during the show. One thing I ask is to be patient, I will get to all those who connect to the TS server.

For the most updated information on the show, head to #urbanterror on ETG and type !radio as this link will have all the updated show connection information.

Edit: Show's over. If you missed it, download it at Filecloud or Stickam (audio section).

Urban Radio Returns!

in Urban Radio - posted Sunday, 20 January 2008 by FrozenSand
The return of Urban Radio is over, thanks to the community for coming out and supporting the show. We had a great time and yes, BladeKiller will join us again the future for another show.

Show is available from FileCloud or stream it at Stickam Video for everyone who missed it. Discuss in our forums.

STA Urban Terror League Season Start Date Announced

in Leagues - posted Sunday, 20 January 2008 by FrozenSand

Klarity lets us know through the forums that the start date for the well known USA Urban Terror league called STA (Stronger Than All) has been announced. So now is the time to get your clan signed up for the action! If you don't have a clan yet, form one!

More info at the STA site.

4.1 Released!

in Urban Terror - posted Saturday, 22 December 2007 by FrozenSand

4.1 is available for download!

Urban Terror 4.1 should be installed to a different location than Urban Terror 4.0. It is advised to uninstall (Start-ControlPanel-AddRemovePrograms) version 4.0 and your old ioUrbanTerror before installing 4.1. If you want, you can backup your 4.0 configs/screenshots/maps and copy them to your 4.1 after the install.

Urban Terror 4.1 can run on Quake 3 Arena or on the free ioUrbanTerror. The .zip and the .exe installer have exactly the same files in them and both include ioUrbanTerror, so you only need to get 1 installer. There's only FULL packages, no upgrades. The installers are about 700MB. Discuss 4.1 in our forums here.

If you get an "invalid game folder" message, first check if you are on 4.1. In the right bottom on the main menu you can see if it says 4.0 or 4.1. If you are indeed running 4.1 and still get this message, the server you are trying to connect to is running 4.0. Just try other servers untill you find one that is 4.1.

The .exe installer for windows users (if you use Vista, you might want to install to another location than 'Program Files'):

The .zip installer for mac and linux users :

Just unzip the zip and make a shortcut to the ioUrbanTerror executable.

Mac executable:
Linux 32bits executable: ioUrbanTerror.i386
Linux 64bits executable: ioUrbanTerror.x86_64

In linux, you need to make it executable first: right click it, properties and tick the 'allow execution' box.

Torrents (please seed back!):
f5e58eb0b88b4c9d602b2fd5b03cb5d8 *UrbanTerror_41_FULL.exe
1370306ea236f65f595e7ca70765e469 *

I would like to thank the following people for making 4.1 possible:
TwentySeven and BladeKiller, great work!
Rest of dev team: dito!
QA Team: pwn!
File hosters: n1!
3rd party mappers: GG!
People from ioq3 helping out: superb!
Wolfseye's box art: zomg frikandel!

And of course, the community: ROFLCOPTER!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
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Christmas is coming early this year...

in Urban Terror - posted Wednesday, 19 December 2007 by FrozenSand

No, Urban Terror is not going retail, but we ARE releasing Urban Terror 4.1 on Saturday, December 22nd.

This release will feature stuff like:

- Working IP ban system
- Duplicate name protection (the trade of is that you can't use spaces in your name anymore though)
- Removal of white skins
- New/updated maps
- Updated UI and default settings
- /rcon players command, returning map/score and per player: name, team, score, ping, IP
- No votes within first 60 seconds of a map

Bug fixes, like:

- Fixed hit bug when crouching and moving
- Several spawn locations fixed
- Negev reload exploit fixed
- Power slide physics exploit fixed
-TDM scoreboard not updating fixed
- in-game browser now remembers your sorting preferences
- Short names won't mess up the healtbar anymore
- A problem with blood (fps bug?) fixed

And some tweaks to weapon balance:

- sr8 gets 5 bullets again, but unzooms when getting hit with 15% damage
- spas does less damage and knockback when getting hit by it is lower
- ump does more damage
- psg back to 8 bullets and chest hits bleed out

This will be a big download. There will only be full installers, no update packages. You can copy over your old config file afterwards.

Together with the changes to ioUrbanTerror posted earlier, we hope this will become the best and most solid version to date. Discuss it here.

The release time should be around 23.00 CET (GMT+1). That's somewhere around 14.00 (2PM) PST or 17.00 (5PM) EST.

We wish you happy holidays and a great new year!


The Frozen Sand Development Team

PS: Tnx Wolfseye, for the great Urban Terror box art!

Urban Terror - Mod of the Year 2007?

in Media - posted Tuesday, 04 December 2007 by FrozenSand
So, Urban Terror is not the newest or possibly the best, the most highly played mod that has been recently released. In fact, Urban Terror is now running on a very old, Quake III Arena engine that has been open sourced by id Software. One thing has remained a constant in our community, the gamers. These are those dedicated soles who play and support Urban Terror on community servers and in leagues worldwide.

Each year a contest is held for Mod of the Year and while Urban Terror has never received any sort of award for the mod, we are glad to know we have a faithful following through thick and thin. In addition to showing our support for, we ask you to take a minute and give your vote in their yearly contest.

Changes to ioUrbanTerror

in UrT software (io) - posted Monday, 03 December 2007 by FrozenSand
With the help of the people from ioq3 and others, I've been working on ioUrbanTerror a little, updating it. It will be released at the same time as 4.1 (release date unknown for now). Just thought I'd let you know what the changes are so far to ioUrbanTerror... Changes to Urban Terror itself will be posted another time ;)

The Urban Terror installer will include ioUrbanTerror, so no more 2 installers.
Based on newer revision of ioq3 code. Not the newest, since they switched to SDL input for windows, which I don't think is accurate enough for now.
Auto download for clients will be enabled by default and will be on a separate cvar (cl_autodownload instead of cl_allowdownload). That way you can always leave it off in Q3 (cause it doesn't work well there) and on in ioUrbanTerror.
For every download, it will first ask you if you trust the server, so that you won't download crap fake maps from a server you don't trust.
The 4.1 default server.cfg will have: sv_dlURL "" by default ( runs a script that will spread the requests over multiple mirrors), so every server admin without web space will be able to offer 3rd party maps.
The server will only reference maps that are in use instead of every pk3 in the q3ut4 folder. That way auto download will now also work if the server has a LOT of 3rd party maps.
No more trouble with hunkmegs. ioUrbanTerror client will use 256, even when the cvar is set lower.
Improved the console auto-completion.
Enabled win_fastmodechange by default so you can quickly restore a minimized window.
Improved the quality of the sound when using /video to create an .avi from a demo. Also fixed the crash when the demo was over. And properly apply gamma-correction to the .avi.

The default value of 'dedicated' will be 2 instead of 0 for ioUrTded. This will fix a 100% CPU usage issue.
The default value of in_mouse will be -1 instead of 1. Should fix the 'sticky' key problems.
BattlEye removed, it is dead. Will no longer cause 'failed to load BE' errors.
Will include the Logitech acceleration reg fix in the installer.
Cut down a lot of the console spam during map changes (easier to read back conversations from previous map).
Will be built with other compiler to which some people reported better performance.
timedemo command is fixed
64 bits executables for Linux available
Mac's code is more up-to-date
Added ioUrTded for windows
removed auth code from server side (until the new system is done)
removed truncation of cvars when requesting them
Added floodprotect to userinfo spam (name/race/funstuff)
Show system time during play with cl_drawclock 0/1
Added /rcon tell command
+vstr and -vstr added for more scripting

Anyway, hope you like the changes; let me know in this forum thread.
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