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Urban Terror
[4.2] Update 4.2.005

in Urban Terror - posted Saturday, 03 November 2012 by FrozenSand
We have a new update for Urban Terror 4.2 ! Please use the UrTUpdater to automatically update your game to the latest version! It will not only download new files, but also overwrite old ones.

urt By using the UrTUpdater you are sure that all the files in your Urban Terror folder are correctly updated.

In Update 4.2.005 we had to go back to the 4.2.002 animations temporarily, expect more updates to follow !


Updated skins.
Fixed the ledge climb animation.
Fixed CTF scores bleeding through warmup into game.
Fixed the server crash issue.

Please feel free to provide us with feedback in our forum.

alert WARNING Sorry everyone. We just discovered that the updater is broken and is not overwriting the paks it is supposed to. It should overwrite zUrT42_0008.pk3, zUrT42_0009.pk3, zUrT42_0010.pk3, zUrT42_0011.pk3, zUrT42_0012.pk3 and zUrT42_qvm.pk3. If you delete the old pk3's and run the updater it should download the new versions of the above pk3's and get the new zUrT42_0013.pk3.


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