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Urban Terror
[4.2] Update 4.2.006

in Urban Terror - posted Friday, 09 November 2012 by FrozenSand
There are New Updates and Fixes, and we have added Jump Mode to Urban Terror 4.2. Please update your game as soon as possible !!

Frozen Sand recommends using the UrTUpdater to get the latest version. By using the UrTUpdater you are sure that all the files in your Urban Terror folder are correctly updated.

However, as an alternative, you can also directly download Urban Terror 4.2.006, Direct Zip Download 1.2GB.

New Gametype: Jump Mode

Some say, that humans were not designed to fly. Time to prove them wrong. Jump, bounce, slide, grab to reach the end of the level !

Jump Mode features:
All players are visible on the minimap.
Spectators can chat globally.
Purple hud.
Player hits are disabled.
Flags can be captured depending on the map.
Client commands:
/savePos saves the current player position on the server.
/loadPos loads the last player position on the server.
/regainstamina activate fast regain stamina.
Server CVARs:
g_allowPosSaving 0/1 set to 1 enables players to save their position on a map.
g_regainStamina 0/1 set to 0 stops players to use /regainstamina on your server.
g_noStamina 0/1 enables infinite stamina for players.
g_noDamage 0/1 if enabled players cannot get hurt from MOD_FALLING and MOD_TELEFRAG.
g_ghostPlayers 0/1 set to 1 enables players to jump through the other players on the server.


New gametype, Jump Mode /g_gametype 9.
Fixed the autoradio bug in Bomb Mode.
Fixed the "Last Man Standing" gametype description in the in-game menu.
LMS round winner is now logged.
Fixed incorrect time display for players connecting to a game during pause in match mode.
Fixed floating player name while using cg_crosshairnamestype 0.
Fixed flag captures being added to the score during warmup time of CTF matchmode, also for the second half of a match.
Updated model and skin for SPAS.
Updated model and skin for DE.
Updated skin for Red Dragons' playermodel's hand.
Updated camo for blue team.
Updated icons for medic calling, bomb planting and bomb defusing.

All feedback is is much appreciated please feel free to comment in our forum.


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