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Urban Terror
[4.2] Update 4.2.008

in Urban Terror - posted Monday, 03 December 2012 by FrozenSand
The Frozen Sand development team has worked very hard to bring you this extended update for Urban Terror 4.2 !! Please all update your game as soon as possible.

We have included a test map called ut4_jumptest to show mappers how to implement the new jump entities. You can find the .map file within the ut4_jumptestmap.pk3.

note Please note we had to change the name of the jump mode tutorial map included with the release of 4.2.008 due to a name conflict. The new name is ut4_jumpents.pk3. Please delete the ut4_jumptest.pk3 that you received with the 4.2.008 update, and replace it with ut4_jumpents.pk3.

information To update your Urban Terror 4.2 we suggest you to use the UrTUpdater. You can also directly download Urban Terror 4.2.008.


Fixed the server lag / crash issue.
Fixed the client crash when selecting a weapon.
Potentially fixed the FPS issue.
Player model animations updated.
Fixed the SPAS which was causing excessive bleeding.
Fixed the Auth System logout UI bug.
New skins for FFA, LMS and Jump gametypes.
New /racejump and /racefree cvars.
New color for FFA and LMS HUD.
Fixed Eagle's cable car.
Fixed FFA UI scoreboard bug.
Fixed SPAS gear bug.
Defaulted player armband to light purple in JUMP mode when set to g_armband 1.
Fixed a bug in callvote kick UI menu.
Enhanced kill display, new options cg_drawKillLog 3|4|5 available, added to UI menu.
Fixed punctuation and some spelling in kill display.
New images for the player setup menu.
New player setup menus for the Free and Jump teams.
Added player's login to the scoreboard.
Fixed a bug in the "smite" command help text.
Changed the player bar color in the scoreboard for FFA, LMS (Green) and JUMP (Purple) to match the HUD color.
Added fog to the water in ut4_ramelle.
Added a workaround to reduce flag cap spamming in Jump Mode, sounds and messages are shown only to the flagcarrier.
Added a cvar ui_modversion which displays the current mod version in the game menu.
Reduced the range of the cvar r_primitives.
Added run timer and best timer in the scoreboard for jump mode.
Added jump mode timers:

Timers are deactivated on every map start. To activate the personal timer the player has to type /ready in the console. When a player is in "ready" status he/she will not be able to use /save, /load and /regainstamina commands. However, /g_noStamina will be available since it's a server feature. To deactivate the timer the player has to type /ready in console again or join "spectators". This will reset the run timer but it will keep the best run timer value and the last run timer value visible in the player HUD.

As per usual we welcome feedback in our forum.

alert WARNING For those who updated before 11:50CET, there is a bug with the animation pack. Please either delete zUrT42_0013.pk3 and run the updater (to download the update again) or replace it with the file yourself. Sorry about that!


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