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Urban Terror
[4.2] Update 4.2.009

in Urban Terror - posted Friday, 21 December 2012 by FrozenSand

The End of the World Release

The Frozen Sand development team has worked very hard to bring you the latest version of Urban Terror 4.2, just in time before the Mayans End of the World !

Urban Terror 4.2.009 runs smoothly in all our testing. The team has put in substantial work in putting right many many bugs and niggles that have been around for a little while. Why not give it a try for yourself ?!

information To get the latest version of Urban Terror 4.2 just run your UrTUpdater ! Alternatively, you can download a full copy.


Fixed jump timer colours display while watching a player from spectators.
Fixed armband vertical alignment in scoreboard.
Fixed miniscoreboard not updating player status after a player respawns.
Fixed player bandage while healing close to walls.
Fixed ut_weaptoggle.
Fixed "header" warning message for the mirror1.tga.
Fixed bug in Stats UI menu.
Fixed g_flagReturnTime being ignored.
Fixed blood when shooting walls.
Fixed jump timer >1 hour bug.
Fixed UI ingame select gear not being validated when pressing ESC.
Fixed the "server is for low pings only" issue.
Fixed multiple graphic bugs and added new features.
Updated the scoreboard.
Updated the FFA/LMS spawns in ut4_uptown.
Updated ut4_ramelle's tunnels, removed some plants in the water, removed some buildings in the non-playable area and added some vis blocking to improve fps.
Enhanced cg_autopickup 0. It now picks up just the item the player is aiming at.
Enhanced the RCON UI menu.
Optimized the QVM. No more server slow down due to the Spas.
Added new Spas icon.
Added new entity ut_jumpcancel to cancel a player run and reset the run timer.
New version of ut4_jumpents test map with new ut_jumpcancel entity.
Added Jump mode coloured ways. Mappers now have the option to set coloured routes on a Jump map.
Added the Glock.

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