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Urban Terror 4.2 gets Knocked Out

in Leagues - posted Sunday, 24 February 2013 by FrozenSand

Greetings Urban Terror fans, while we work on the next Update (4.2.010) we thought you might be interested in seeing what 4.2 can do in the right hands. In this case in the right hands happens to be our newest addition to the development team SevenofNine who restarted an event originally invented by rYuuJiN.

The gametype known as KnockOut is where the last two on the leader board are “Knocked Out” until there is but one left standing.

Competition wise as an event KnockOut is two hours of non-stop action where rules of fair play become a suggestion and where rules are broken by but not limited to shoutcasters narcing out campers as well as players not able to handle the pressures and intentionally lemming off of tall buildings if just for the shear entertainment value.

Don't be fooled though this is 2 hours of grueling gun what you brung with a side order of fun to earn Ironman bragging rights as KnockOut king.

Check it out here.

If this is the kind of gun fun you would like to see more of in the future let SevenofNine know by heading over to the UZL Facebook page and give him a thumbs up with the traditional Like.

And then follow up with any comments and suggestions in our forum as to other kinds of events you would like to see, or even hear ;) .

Surely SevenofNine would be more than willing to accommodate...


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