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Urban Terror
Release 4.2.010 coming today at 22:00 CET

in Urban Terror - posted Friday, 22 March 2013 by FrozenSand
Good news Urban Terror fans ! We are very pleased that after one of our longer development cycles we are ready to release Urban Terror 4.2.010.

Warning: You can start running the updater today, 22 March 2013 around 22:00 CET !

This new installment of the game comes packed with many new features, bug fixes and performance improvements. Among other novelties, players can customize the game by picking among the legacy player skins and 6 brand new skin sets (refer to the manual on skin forcing). Jumpers have not been forgotten with new cvars controlling run timers and physics, and the Glock gets revamped SFX. You'll be happy to know that the animations have been updated as well.

While you are waiting for the game to update, tune into SevenofNine's shoutcast for an exclusive preview of this new release and interviews of development team members.


Added g_maxWallJumps CVAR for Jump Mode only
Preloading radio sounds and other misc sounds to avoid client freezes when using them
Fixed the ClientJumpTimerStopped log event that was returning a time of 0 secs
Fixed negative enemy counter in mini scoreboard in FFA/LMS gametypes
Not showing the UI cursor when loading a map anymore
Fixed big jump maps loading failure
Fixed ut_weaptoggle behavior
Not checking bots inactivity timers anymore
Added /ignore and /ignorelist commands
Fixed CAH miniscoreboard
Fixed Jump Run timer not displayed correctly while spectating a player
Fixed miniscoreboard not displaying player DEAD/ALIVE status correctly
Disabled auth account check for bots to avoid auth-reject when auth_notoriety > 0
Don't have g_teamAutoJoin affect bot's team
Fixed spectator being switched from follow to free after map_restart if following a client
Fixed server browser 'Auth' and 'Password' filters
Added g_maxJumpRuns CVAR for JUMP mode only (available when g_matchMode is 1)
Changed some JUMP in-game messages
New log format for Jump mode entities actions
Fixed a bug in save and load command (player view angles are now reset correctly)
Fixed blue armband showing on red team players minimap arrows
Updated the Glock sounds
Fixed a wall that you could be shot through in Turnpike
Added client-side skin forcing
Added six new skin sets
New player setup menus
Fixed issue with shader stage directive 'alphaGen'
Added TTimo's QuakeLive-style mouse acceleration


Both male and female animations updated
Collision reporting improvements

TTimo's QuakeLive-style mouse acceleration

To enable it, set cl_mouseAccelStyle 1 (0 is the default/legacy behavior).
New style is controlled with 3 cvars:


The old code (cl_mouseAccelStyle 0) can be difficult to calibrate because if you have a base sensitivity setup, as soon as you set a non zero acceleration your base sensitivity at low speeds will change as well. The other problem with style 0 is that you are stuck on a square (power of two) acceleration curve.

The new code tries to solve both problems:

Once you setup your sensitivity to feel comfortable and accurate enough for low mouse deltas with no acceleration (cl_mouseAccel 0), you can start increasing cl_mouseAccel and tweaking cl_mouseAccelOffset to get the amplification you want for high deltas with little effect on low mouse deltas.

cl_mouseAccel is a power value. Should be >= 1, 2 will be the same power curve as style 0. The higher the value, the faster the amplification grows with the mouse delta.

cl_mouseAccelOffset sets how much base mouse delta will be doubled by acceleration. The closer to zero you bring it, the more acceleration will happen at low speeds. This is also very useful if you are changing to a new mouse with higher dpi, if you go from 500 to 1000 dpi, you can divide your cl_mouseAccelOffset by two to keep the same overall 'feel' (you will likely gain in precision when you do that, but that is not related to mouse acceleration).

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