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Urban Terror
Git Repository Hacked

in Urban Terror - posted Saturday, 17 August 2013 by FrozenSand
As you may be aware of the event unfolding this weekend we have had a data breach which resulted in all of our sources stolen. This has been confirmed both by our own investigations of the server in question and of course the public release of our code base.

Today RaideR received this email:
Quote of Hacker:

turns out u guys dont own us
the community fights back
we wont take your s***
u ban us from ur game
u hide your codes
u run
its time for the community to take over
you let idiots like elf and raider run your servers and you expect security
you expect me to run away from a home ipd box
i lold.
you wont figure out how i got in
you wont rid yourselfs of me
guess what happens next
you loose control
no more dictatorship
no more closed source
only community
only success
no more fs
goodbye fs
we wont miss you
Link to source removed as it's a criminal act and we can't verify it's free from viruses.
good bye
Of course this is going to have some long lasting and major impact on how Urban Terror is developed going forward. Honestly, they have had a victory, let's not be naive about that. They got what they wanted and pretty sure it has the desired effect. To say otherwise would be foolish.

However, it is the strong reservation of this team that we will not simply "roll over and die" which seems to be the personal mission of "persons unknown". We won't go after them, such a pursuit would be futile, but almost certainly we will not quit simply because some bullies want us to.

In the coming days we will have some major changes (obviously) in the way that this team will move forward on our project. In addition we would like to make the following statement.

The source code for 4.2 was taken and published without consent and the theft has been reported to law enforcement. While we won't actively pursue the case, this data is stolen property and we ask that should you come across these sources that you do not use them. Crime has been committed here and while we have little to no interest in pursuing the individuals responsible we appreciate any information people have regarding the incident.

This is an attack on Frozensand and this community, we have been abused and forcibly violated. No less by people who claim to be acting in its best interests.

Further information will follow this public statement in the near future!


Team FS

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