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The long anticipated list

in Masters & Auth - posted Friday, 24 January 2014 by FrozenSand
We know you have been waiting for this day for a long time, and we apologise it took this long! We are sending cheaters packing their bags! Its been a long road partly due to some complications of leaked files that made us verify the integrity of the anti-cheat system. Today we are happy to announce that all systems have been verified and we can now release the detected cheaters between versions 4.2.015 and 4.2.017.

We have been working closely with Urban Zone League and have given them priority updates and early access to this list already. In future we hope other leagues will join a special early access group.

The following 72 user accounts (and their duplicates!) have now been suspended for violation of our terms of service:

Lennonw8, Xixion, Almeria, Zhapoo, Torres, Supersuperluca99, Ho91337, Af4y, Odisey, Downuri, Se7up, Germanu, Duoro, Dr4g0n, MoNsTeRjAn17, Xiner, Sakuracan, Drdre, Tygas69, Swaaaag, Burrsheesh, Wrrdiego, Savage, Xhelazzjew2, Lobose3, Kevinmoler, Lunatic95, MAGNI, Porkje, Trump, Johnnykiller, Sophisticated, Konekp, Fisken, Brutosbrutaloz, Hellxxx, Krayz, Bebert17, Maqicx9, R1shex, Scenery1, Gordobasto, Sasio, Pickup, Tsetung, Sulukek, Lavezzi9874, Xstriker, Nocryfr, Hustle, Romao355, Buncha, Dothox, Aludogje, Ollx, Testik, Stayycautious, Nazgul, Bkao, Frostflake, Dspr3d, Cre4, Merek19, Zay3, Nemoonline, Kwizatse7s, Penthos, Kiki, Headshotgg, Marcel, Pleasedontcampme, Nitr0x
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