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Urban Terror
Levels Development Update

in Urban Terror - posted Wednesday, 30 November 2005 by FrozenSand
While some developers toil on the nuts and bolts of the mod, the level designers continue to work on a plethora of levels. Most of the levels that will be released have been modified or updated from their previous release. Last week we showed off some work that had been done on Rommel (originally by Bar-B-Q) and Austria by Tub.

This week we present two other levels of interest, one of which is a virtual unknown. Why is that? Because until now no one has viewed of played this level inside Urban Terror. As many know, Tub has been a machine, working on problem areas, while improving the look and playability of his levels. Said Tub, "mmm, it's good to be finally releasing this stuff. I've been sitting on Austria for a year now and damn, I really want to see people playing it! For me this release will mean a final closing of the q3ut3 door."

The other levels being development that will be included in the Urban Terror release come from MaSheeN. You might remember him from his work on Eagle. His level Crossing has been featured on the web site previous. But we also get work from him we will see an all new level called Ambush.


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