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NationsCup XVIII Announcement

in Leagues - posted Sunday, 28 December 2014 by FrozenSand

Hey folks!

We hope that you had a great time with your family over the holidays, and it's now time to bring some fresh news from Urban Terror's competitive scene. The seasonal break with the traditional winter cup will soon be over as we are starting the most important cup of the year: the Nations Cup.
Once again hosted by Urban Zone, this competition will showcase the very best players from each country vying for the gold.

Last year, France won the competition, while Australia finished second and Brazil took third place over USA.
Because many of last year's top players have moved away from UrT, this year's outcome could be completely different. The teams will face each other in all of the three competitive gametypes (Team Survivor, Capture the Flag, Bomb Mode) to decide which country is the best at Urban Terror.

We are currently going through the captain designation process in the UZ forums. Players are free to apply to become the captain of their country, but competition experience is of course expected. The NC staff is also looking for people ready to help in the organization (GTV cameraman, newswriter, etc).

Here is the established program of this year's Nations Cup:
December 21 - Announcement and captain applications launched
December 31 - End of Captain applications / Start of the captain vote stage
January 7 - End of voting stage, captain announcement
January 8 - Groups published
January 18 - Start of the first match week

You can find more information on the NC in the news written on Urban Zone.
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