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Urban Terror
Gosu Terror

in Urban Terror - posted Friday, 04 March 2005 by FrozenSand
Recently some tests have started to pop up on community servers. There is nothing that needs to be downloaded on the client side, just the server side. That file is called "Gosu," which in Korean means "(lit. a better hand) is used to refer a person with great skill." In online gaming is refers to a "good player or item." Twentyseven has been experimenting with different damage values for the weapons. This allows the development team to collect a wide variety of feedback from all gamers in the community. And believe me, there has been some "interesting" feedback. You will know one of these server because it will show, SID Gosu Edition after you connect. Currently servers running Gosu (released today) are on version 7. Stop bu #urbanterror on ETG for more information and servers that have the test pak. Enjoy the terror!


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