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Urban Terror
Locked on Levels: Crossing

in Urban Terror - posted Sunday, 18 December 2005 by FrozenSand
As mentioned in a previous update, we will be including some level created by community level designers. One such developer is MaSheeN, of ut_eagle fame, the WW2 based, CTF level. Previously we showed off a few screenshots of his latest offering called Ambush, but we are pleased to also annouce the addition of ut_crossing to the the upcoming release.

The level was orignially released for 3.0, but MaSheeN has been working on the level again, updating it and streamlining the game play to have it included. The level takes a page out of the 1980s and the USSR, as this industrialized complex hold many "secrets." Now, vital documents have turned up missing that proves the existance of this facility, which has been denied by the government.

There have been a number of changes on this version, such as the removal of a section of underground corridors. Lighting fixtures have been replaced and the lighting in general as been increased through out the level. All game types, except CTF and "some DM spawns" have been removed (this level will support Bomb).

Coming next, we will show off some level shots of Suburb...


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