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Flawless UTCS FALL 2023 Finals countdowns

in Leagues - posted 2 months ago by FrozenSand

Let's get ready to rumble as they say during the big games finals. This season of the Flawless UTCS Fall 2023 is coming to an end. We are at the finals stage for both game modes. Below you can see the semi-final results and the YouTube links for the games that are available to rewatch if you have missed any.

Team Survivor cup tree

YouTube links:

Capture the Flag cup tree

YouTube links:

The Finals schedules are:

03/12/2023 8PM CET io> vs trbanana. Team Survivor Stream Confirmed
03/12/2023 9PM CET euwG** vs usXiN` Team Survivor
03/12/2023 9PM CET eugucci` vs co.pilo Team Survivor Stream Confirmed
ALREADY PLAYED usRapid- 0 vs usXiN` 2 Capture the Flag
TBA io> vs trbanana. Capture the Flag

All games can be watched at:
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