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Flawless UTCS FALL 2023 Finals

in Leagues - posted 2 months ago by FrozenSand

Before us is the last game of the Flawless UTCS Fall 2023 season, and potentially one of the most interesting as it's going to be in a fast-paced game mode called Capture the Flag. Both teams met in the group stage where the final result after Beijing and Algiers battles was a draw. This time no draws will be allowed as the match will be best of 5 maps (+overtime if it is needed), only one team can win!. The stream record from the group stage game can be viewed & listened to here as we have nano & Memnon shoutcasting.

The Grand Final game will be streamed on the Twitch platform on the main Flawless channel:

Game date is: 10/12/2023 at 8PM CET

Read more on b0ciaM's blog post here:


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