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Flawless UTCS FALL 2023 Capture the Flag Grand Final

in Leagues - posted 2 months ago by FrozenSand

The Flawless UTCS FALL 2023 season is finally over! We have been waiting on the last final game for the Capture the Flag competition that could be potential revenge taken on the ioVelocity clan by the trBananes Pourries after they lost the Team Survivor competition's champion battle. This game couldn't be any more exciting than it was. We have had a 4 maps game with nice comebacks and unexpected twists of actions. We can only say what a hell of a great show that was!

In case you might have missed it, don't worry we have it covered thanks to b0ciaM's Youtube channel feed under the link here:

Prepare some buzzin liquid, popcorn and let's go!

PS. the game is being shoutcasted by Memnon.

All the other final standings for all divisions are as they are presented with the graphic below. We are really glad to have Holycrap, R0cket & Zmb hosting these kind of tournaments and keeping the game alive. Crossing fingers for an upcoming All-Star-Cup. More info about the event here soon!

Congratulations to all the finalists & participants. It was a really good season. Keep them coming Terrorists!
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