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Flawless International All Stars Cup

in Leagues - posted 1 month ago by FrozenSand

Flawless league has organised a special event between the regular seasons just to start 2024 with the big bang!

The idea is to have four teams of mixed players from Division 1 clans and watch them play each Sunday of January 2024. The rules to sign up for it were:

1Each player had to play in Master Bracket at least once and then we had a Live Draft on Twitch where four chosen captains had 5 picks out of 32 players bulk.
2Rule number two is: each team has to have at least 1 North / South American / Australian player in the roster to make it fair.
3Rule number 3 is that all the games are forced to be played each Sunday at 9PM CET time.
4Rule number 4 is all the matches will be played on North-American servers.

Cup format is 2 x bo3 in the play-offs with 1 map in Team Survivor, 1 map in Capture the Flag and a 3rd map as a decider in Team Survivor. The finals will be bo5 with 2 maps of Team Survivor and 2 maps of Capture the Flag and with Team Survivor as a decider.

The selected Captains are:


The final rosters for Teams: A, B, C & D are:

The first sets of games are planned for 07/01/2024 at 9PM CET with the following schedule:

07/01/2024 9PM CET fm Team A vs fmTeam B Stream Confirmed on channel: Twitch
07/01/2024 9PM CET fm Team C vs fmTeam D Stream Confirmed on channel: Twitch

The winners of this week's games will face each other in the next phase on Sunday 14th of 2024!

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