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Flawless All-Stars Cup 2024 Grand Final

in Leagues - posted 25 days ago by FrozenSand

So here we are with the Grand Final game of the Flawless All-Stars Cup 2024. After 6 games we can finally say who was the best in this tournament, one that was full of surprises and action twists from beginning to end. On Sunday we saw the last match between team C who dominated right from the start, and team A who had to fight for the spot in the finals against all of the teams that signed up for this cup.

The 4 maps long game was streamed live on Twitch thanks to modern technology. I am sure everyone is curious to know who the winner was so let's not extend this intro any further...

Rosters for both teams were:

Team A
usbzegs (c)

Team C
deArnoldus (c)

Stream records

The first game was played on Tohunga in Capture the Flag game mode followed right after by Beijing. Here is how it went:

Stream record:

After that they moved to Austria in Team Survivor mode. That map was a chance to catch up for team C and take the lead in the BO5 system match. Here is how it went:

Stream record:

With the dark clouds over team Arnoldus heads, we switched to Orbital to either confirm or deny the team A domination in this game. This was a very close match but there could only be one winner. With the dose of overtime we finally get to know the team that was top in the whole All-Stars Cup. Congratulations to the crew led by Bzegs!

Stream record:

Final Score

Team A 3 : 1 Team C


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