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Urban Terror
Progress Report

in Urban Terror - posted Friday, 24 February 2006 by FrozenSand
Hopefully with this news piece we can clear up some of the confusion as to the state of development, current testing and the upcoming release. We understand we are answering questions from two groups. Those who don't necessarily frequent the forums and those who hit the web site from time to time.

State of development: Originally the upcoming release was to be centered about new or updated Urban Terror levels. Tub had put a considerable amount of time working on his levels (for the now defunct ETUT), so instead of not getting them to the community we decided to work up a "small" patch. Development being what it is, the scope of the project started small, but eventually increased in size. This is both good and bad. Bad because the development cycle increases, meaning you have to play the current version and wait longer. Good because we are taking the time to fix problems, update features and add some that "new car smell" to Urban Terror.

Current testing: Testing continues on both sides of the Atlantic, where have increased our European testers recently in order to provide more complete feedback and have a larger pool of QA testers to pull from when we need something tested. To date, the QA gamers continue to provide feedback, discuss changes/features/current implecation, troubleshoot levels and game play and get in some test matches to get an overall idea of how the upcoming version of Urban Terror will play. For inquirying minds, we are not actively seeking new QA members, but have approached some community gamers to be included in the testing.

Upcoming release: No, we have not set a date for the release. I know this comes as no surprise, but we are still working on completing the core of the game. Currently, we still have a list of items and features, along with testing and troubleshooting that needs to be accomplished in order to provide a window for the release date. Once we are within a 2-3 week period from the release date, we will start to unfold all the changes that have taken place during this development cycle.

It is our hope this will be the final Urban Terror that helps spur the community and carry us over into our new Urban Terror project. We understand the community is not getting any larger right now, but we still have a great core group of gamers that enjoy the game and want to see it flourish. We believe there is still a lot of life left in Urban Terror or else we would not continue working on it.

Coming tomorrow..tour ut_Thingley by Riche (finished by BladeKiller)


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