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Urban Terror
Tour Thingley

in Urban Terror - posted Sunday, 26 February 2006 by FrozenSand
One of the new levels that will be included in the upcoming release is called Thingley (ut_thingley) developed by newcomer, Riche. The level is based off off Thingley, Wiltshire in southwest England. This is one those levels that has been under constant change from the first day it was added. Along with testers providing their feedback and assessment of gameplay on Thingley, BladeKiller and RabidCow have been involved heavily with transforming Thingley from what it was originally, to where the map is today.

Some of the changes in the level are subtle, such as changing texturing, adding trim to buildings, the placement of flower beds or the height of a wall. other changes were fairly major, such as lowering the red side of the level [accomplished by RabidCow], working on the spawn location in relation to the position of the flag. RabidCow also removed some of the buildings [created in Radiant] and replaced them with full scale models created in 3D Studio Max.

Other changes including a well model in the park, most of the tunnels were made into Z-shapes, gave buildings overhangs and chnaged long straightways so they are jogged [can't give snipers that advtange now, can we?], added stone walls in the park and modified some of the wooden fences into stone and rot iron on the main street. Most of the chimneys were replaced with models or unique brushes. Riche also made a church for a different level, which he then created a prefab and included it in Thingley. Oh yeah, we also added a ferret!


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