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Urban Terror
The 27 Days of Terror: Day 1

in Urban Terror - posted Saturday, 05 August 2006 by FrozenSand
Today begins the first of twenty-seven updates in the development of the new version of Urban Terror as we close in on the actual release. While it has been over a year since the last release, v3.7, much has transpired since that time. Rehashing some of the old news, we made a few announcements about converting the mod to RtCW:ET, which was cancelled by the development team. Prior to that we incorporated as a legitimate business, while Silicon Ice Development may live on in our memories, the development team became officially known as Frozen Sand, LLC. We spent about 12 months working on a playable demo that we showed off to some in the industry who provided input and feedback.

We did take a considerable amount of time off from any sort of development from Urban Terror. When we made the decision to move forward with a new release [you know it as 3.8], it was originally intended to be a small patch in order to fix some minor issues and provide an update to some of the current levels. Tub has spent a goodly amount of time updating his levels and instead of letting them go to waste we decided this would form the basis of our release. As usually happens with any update, minor changes are added, other levels are modified, models are tweaked, code is changed. Before you know it that \"small patch\" has suddenly turned into a full blown, major release. That is where we currently are on this current development cycle.

This release is going to be a whole lot more than \"just a step\" from 3.7 to 3.8. We are fully aware the community has been yearning to play a new version of Urban Terror for some time, an early or incomplete release would not have satisfied given the amount of time that had passed. I am sure some updated levels would have pleased Team Survivor and Capture the Flag players to some extent, but to the development team there would not have been closure on the mod. It is rare to see any development last that long on a single game on a dedicated engine.

While the development team has been streamlined, we do have some very dedicated individuals working to make this release happen. Even though the [development team] players have changed over the years, the game has stayed the same. We know our roots; gamers want to experience that fast paced action Quake III Arena is known for. People like TwentySeven, Bladekiller, RabidCow, HighSea, Lt1, |NV|S, Riche and ShminkyBoy, just to name a few have put forth great effort, long hours and sacrifice to complete this upcoming release.

Over the next 27 days you will see the fruits of our labor as we prepare for the release of Urban Terror. You will be given a look at the models, levels, weapons and other \"features and goodies\" that have been included during this development cycle, along with video shorts of the new Urban Terror. We will talk to the development team, along with some community supporters and people involved in leagues such as Clanbase and STA.

We look forward to providing this information and media to those in the community who have continued to stand by the development team and support the game they love to play, Urban Terror.


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