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Urban Terror
The 27 Days of Terror: Day 14 - Power Sliding

bullet_none in Urban Terror - posted Tuesday, 22 August 2006 by FrozenSand
The development team likes to think they have been on the leading edge of development when it comes to game play. Game play features such as ARIES and ledge grabbing were fairly revolutionary when introduced to the game. ARIES (Anatomical Ray Intersection Extrapolation Simulation) brought about 21 separate areas per model that could suffer damage, including internal organs! ARIES was introduced for Beta 2.0, but it was not without its share of problems.

The code for ARIES went relatively unchanged for quite a few years, before it was updated, removing some of the 21 separate areas, including internal organs. We began to see more problems with hit detection and a call for change from the community. There were hits that would miss and misses that would hit, baffling gamers and frustrating them. This would cause some to give up the game.

The upcoming version rewrites the hit detection code that has been drawing praises from the development team and the QA testers. The code known as ARIES is effective gone; updated to a more simpler form of hitmesh that surrounds the models. Couple the new hit detection and code with changes in weapon damage values and QA gamers have been praising the current development.

Ledge grabbing was big hit among all gamers. It allowed a gamer to effectively grab a ledge and pull them up. This became a very effective tactic and opened up levels to a new vertical dimension. To this day, ledge grabbing is still very popular and used quite often. Instead of playing on a single plane, gamers had other possibility of escape, which included jumping and pulling themselves up to a higher level. At the time, this feature was quite revolutionary in any mod and only increased the value of Urban Terror’s game play. The new version of Urban Terror will introduce another new feature when released. This new feature is called ‘power sliding’ and really adds yet another dimension to “where Quake meets reality.??

To execute a power slide, you must increase your speed by sprinting or strafe jumping and while airborne, prior to hitting the ground pressure your crouch key. This will result in your player model landing on the ground in a crouch and sliding across the surface.

QA members have loved this new feature, "one of the best things that are going to be added since walljumping was introduced," says EDK-Facility. mOkaZ says, "Powersliding will bring a whole new meaning to the word "rush" espeacially on narrow spaces." Some comment on the lifespan of snipers, "Powersliding is a lot of fun, it's a nice feature that should make Urban Terror more conducive to movement instead of sitting behind sniper rifles," says Hybridesque.

Some gamers have commented on seeing 'XY' and 'XYZ' in the corner on screenshots we have displayed. These reflect the speed of your player in the game when your player is moving. The higher your numbers, the better the powerslide. The minimum speed, is about 300, but the higher the number, the more effective powerslide you will get.. This display will be controlled by the cg_speedo cvar.

Not only does powersliding looking great, it makes for a classic signature move for gamers trying to avoid an attack or taking the offensive. Click for a videostration, check out TwentySeven and Mutters, as Mutters powerslides into the fountain courtyard in Casa. Demo and video created by woekele.


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