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SysAdmin / Backend Dev Works (Unsung Heros)

posted Monday, 23 June 2014 by FS |HSO|RaideR
Okay, the title is not self inflating enough, but it is ment sincerarly! In the modern age games are not mearly their game content, but also their community and backend tools that tie everything together.

Here at Frozensand we take the "Back End" stuff very seriosly! We have designed our our CMS for web services called FS-CMS which is a cluster aware, self provisioning, cluster based system. Now you can simply use Steam, and we indend on doing so for "HD", however, there is more to providing a game loving experience than just "Nabbing" the tools provided.

In my last blog you will see work of me porting our inferstructures to OVH RunAbove to provide the compute and storage power required for a truely global and "User Limiteless" experience. Nothing worse than having a vival game and not being able to soak that load up when you have traffic peaks!

I effectionally call this "FU Steam Syndrome" :D ...

In the coming weeks i will be introducting people to my plans on UrT-HD-API (for Community Devs to intergrate with our datas for HD) and more on RunAbove and how FS-CMS Scales its self on the current load being drawn of it!


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