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HUD, Domination, Menus, and More

posted Monday, 27 July 2015
It's been over two weeks since my last post, so I figure it's about time for an update.

Progress has been very fast, but I've been focusing on getting a hang of the engine in various areas while laying the groundwork for future development. As a result there hasn't been anything in particular to showcase yet, since most of the features are still in half-done state. That said, here's a quick rundown of what I've been working on:


I have focused on adding some missing combat features like fall damage, limping, locational bleeding, and a primitive bandage function. Not much to say here really. Fall damage and limping behaviour are almost identical to Q3UT, whereas bleeding and bandaging will likely be changed a little bit.

Also thanks to HappyDay's measurements, I have been able to tweak various other aspects of the physics to make them more identical to Q3UT. This includes the exact dimensions you can fit through, or steps you can climb up on.


Domination is the first game mode I have been implementing. Most of you probably know what it is, but for those who don't here's a quick description:

You fight over control for three flags on the map. If you control more flags than the opponent, then every five seconds you get points based on how many flags you control more than the opponent. Your team also gets a point for every kill. When you die, you quickly respawn randomly in the quarter of the map which has the least enemies.

It's a very simple mode, and I think it will be one of the best modes for new players to make their first steps with Urban Terror. It's very easy to understand (go to nearest flag, kill people) and the punishment for death is manageable. That said, simplicity is not the only thing the mode has going for it. It also creates very balanced match ups on practically any type of map (which is very useful for Urban Terror's diverse range of maps), and in a competitive setting it can offer a surprising amount of depth which mainly centres on strategies to hold two of the flags at the same time. Due to the random respawns it also provides quite dynamic gameplay and does not suffer from the spawncamping issue.

It's not quite done yet, but I am very happy with how easy and fast it was to implement the basic game rules in UE4, and we'll be able to finish it quickly once we are ready for testing. Another reason I started with Domination is that I believe that it's the best mode for early testing, since it focuses the action and does not require advanced teamplay.

New Player Model

The art team around FrankieV and BladeKiller have done a fantastic job working on a new high quality player model (starting with Sarah) and I've been working with Frankie to get it into the game and hook up the animations. There is still a lot of work to be done of course, but it's coming along really nicely as you will see in the video further down. :)


I have also done some work on the HUD, mainly re-creating the health/stamina bar of 4.x. This is probably by far the most complex element of the URT HUD, so I wanted to get it done early. My goal for the design was to stick with the current design but give it a bit of an HD treatment. I think it turned out very nicely, although I'm sure that it will receive further touch-ups. You could already see it in action in HappyDay's jump video, but here are some "close up" shots:

Menu System

Finally, I've started working on a new menu system and the basic framework for our customisable character models. This is still extremely early work in progress of course, but at least we can choose maps and characters already.

This video provides a quick glimpse of most of the new stuff:

Action Mode?

One thing we discussed is the possibility of an "action mode", which would essentially be to Urban Terror what CPMA is to Quake 3. Urban Terror 1.x began as a much faster paced game than what is is today, based on the spiritual ancestor Action Quake 2. Right now there seems to be a lot of support for increasing the pace of the game within the team, so this is something we may want to explore.

An action mode could have features like no stamina, faster base speed, CPMA style air control, and ramp jumps. In other words, it would lose all pretences of "tactical" movement in favour of mad skill based carnage.

Of course there is the concern of playerbase fragmentation, so we are not going to add such an option lightly. But this seems to be a good time to give it a whirl and simply see how it goes. If it looks like it could cause a serious split in the community, then we'll probably want to go back to the drawing board and see if we can come up with a better compromise.

Right now this is just a thought experiment so it may not happen after all, but I think it's certainly interesting to mull over. I also appreciate the irony that UTHD on Unreal Engine could become more Quake-like than Q3UT ever was. :)

What's Next

One thing we are still missing is a test server and the ability to connect to it, so I will prioritise this as well as fixing any missing bits that stop us from having a decent game. This shouldn't take too long, so hopefully we will soon be able to show some actual gameplay and then we can build on that.

As usual, I will keep you updated!
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Working on Uptown #02 - Wall Lamp

posted Saturday, 25 July 2015
Here's another video of me working on uptown. All the positive feedback of the last video motivated me to do more. This time there are some annotations and the end is at normal speed. This episode features a simple wall lamp that's used throughout the map. The whole process took a bit more than an hour (+ 1h of me trying stuff, that didn't work, which I cut out).

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Working on Uptown #01 - Street Pavement

posted Sunday, 19 July 2015
I've been thinking about making videos of me working on uptown for quite a while now. Finally, here's the first of hopefully many videos. This one shows me modeling part of Uptown's street. I initially recorded myself talking while I was working on this but it just sounded too awkward, so I decided to speed the video up and add some intense music. This is the result.

Let me know what you think of this kind of video format.

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Uptown HD Jumps 1.0

posted Thursday, 16 July 2015
With the recent work Zenity and Barbatos have done on the movement system it's time to show some jumping skills. We're not quite where we want to be yet, but the game definitely starts to feel like Urban Terror. The jumping is close enough to urt 4.x to do some of the most iconic jumps on uptown. With a little more tweaking (and more jumping practice on my side) things will feel smoother in future videos. You can also check out some of the progress I've made on recreating uptown for HD. At the moment the map looks quite messy and not very pleasing to the eye but that'll change, too.

There's not much more to say at this point except: enjoy the video.

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Hits and Hops

posted Friday, 10 July 2015
Since my last post, I have been working on implementing spread and recoil. Here's what it looks like so far:

(Of course all assets in this video are either placeholders or work in progress)

I've tried to stay close to the current behaviour, without any major experiments. A couple things of note though:

- In Q3UT, increasing recoil will make your crosshair jump towards the left and right, so it never actually points at the position you are aiming at. While I do think this is a useful feature to "feel" the increasing inaccuracy of spraying, and you would not be able to hit anything by directly aiming at it anyway once it gets so bad, it doesn't feel really good to me. So I tried to replace the left right movement with a camera roll which still conveys the lack of accuracy, but does not actually move the crosshair from where you are aiming. This feels really good to me so far.

- I have also added the option to set a random seed for each weapon. This means that spray patterns are always identical and while this still won't allow you to perfectly control a spread like Counter Strike (which wouldn't be a good fit for the game IMO for various reasons), it will allow some sort of control and reward experience. By and large though, you are still much better off burst firing.

In the end of the video I hop around a bit to show the state of wall jumping and powersliding.


Also some people mentioned the issue of "hits" in general, so I thought I'd quickly share my thoughts on this. I believe there are generally three areas which can potentially lead to faults with hit detection. From least to most significant:

1) Random Spread

Sometimes you just have bad luck... Urban Terror has extremely accurate weapons, so as long as you tap or burst your shots, you will hit what you aim for. Spread escalates quickly though, so you can get the situation where you just barely miss your first couple of shots, and then your spread already becomes large enough to make you miss most of your shots. This can lead to the odd situation where you aim is almost perfect, yet you don't hit anything. Hit detection in Urban Terror can be extremely unforgiving due to the relatively small hit boxes coupled with a relatively fast movement speed.

We can counter this by making it more obvious when the accuracy goes down (especially for players who don't use an expanding crosshair).

2) The Hit Mesh

ARIES was way ahead of its time, and there's no wonder it had some growing pains. These days I believe it works very reliably, and that's quite remarkable considering the technology it's based on.

That said, UE4 makes life a lot easier for us in this regard. Instead of per-poly hit detection on a low poly model, we use the physical asset for hit detection, which uses simplified shapes and is of course very well tested. The physical asset follows the reference model perfectly, as you can see here:

3) Netcode

Finally and most importantly, network code is always fickle and things can easily go out of sync. This becomes even more true with small and accurate hit models. No matter how well designed the network code is, there is always a chance for inaccuracies caused by flakey network conditions or server performance issues.

Fortunately, there is an option which sidesteps all those headaches: Client side hit detection.

Now before you throw eggs in my face, hear me out. Client side hit detection has become more popular in modern games, for one simple reason: When the client is compromised, then all is lost already. Allowing a compromised client to mess with hit detection sounds scary, but the truth is that this kind of hack would be the easiest to discover, not to mention incredibly boring for the cheater. With every random hack featuring perfect aimbots and wallhacks, there is just no reason any more to be concerned about this. Of course servers still do basic verification of each hit and any obvious tampering would be very easy to spot. The bottom line is that when in doubt, the client is trusted that a bullet was actually a hit.

One commonly perceived downside is the effect of getting hit behind walls, but this is also an issue with server side lag compensation, and it pales in comparison to missing shots. It is also up to us how lenient we want to be with this, e.g. whether to reject hits if the target has moved behind a wall by the time the hit arrives at the server.

The giant advantage of client side hit detection is simply this:

Perfect hits. Always. Without exceptions.
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Zenity Checking In

posted Monday, 06 July 2015
Hello everybody!

I thought I'd quickly introduce myself. My name is Daniel, I'm from Germany (currently living in the UK) and I'm 33 years old. I have spent the last three years or so working on and releasing my first indie game in full time and am now joining the team of Frozen Sands to help out with Urban Terror HD. My primary skills and interests are programming, game design, and UI design.

Coming from Action Quake 2, I have been following Urban Terror even before beta 1.0 was released. With 1.27 I started to get really into it, and 2.0 was the release that made me a huge fan. I went on playing it very competitively for some time, after which I have been playing on and off and following its development loosely.

I believe that HD is a chance for Urban Terror to truly live up to its potential, as long as we focus on our strengths and go back to basics. The game's core movement and shooting mechanics are still unmatched in terms of being extremely skill based and yet highly accessible. If we combine this with a modern engine, modern community features, and smart refinements of the gameplay, I am absolutely convinced that this game is still relevant. I see its target audience mainly as the competitive gamer who is looking for an old school PC(!) shooter that is more fast paced than Counter Strike but more accessible and refined than Quake Live.

My goal is to get HD into a playable state as soon as possible, so we can inject some life back into the community. If we are to make this happen, we need all of you to cheer us on! :) I know that things have been tough for loyal fans during the recent years, and I shouldn't make any empty promises, but what I can promise is that I will work as hard as I can to make this new chapter of Urban Terror's story a success.

The first thing I have been working on is to help Barbatos finish the port of the basic movement physics. This is coming along really nicely, with the most important movements (especially strafe jumping and powersliding) now being near 100% identical to the original. There is still a lot of tweaking to be done, but rest assured that it's going to feel like genuine Urban Terror, not any other Unreal Engine game.

Just now I have been working on the hit detection:

I am now planning to work on basic weapon behaviour and shooting mechanics. I'll keep you posted!
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Urban Terror 5 Physics - Part 3

posted Friday, 12 June 2015

Soooo I've been working exclusively on Urban Terror 5 physics the last few weeks and I'm now happy enough with the result to show it in a video. :)

Please admire my Movie Maker skills:

Of course there is still a lot of work to do, especially on powerslides and walljumps, but the movements are really starting to feel nice which is a good start. Our goal is still to make the movements feel like 4.x so... let's get back to work! :-)

NB: sorry, Movie Maker and YouTube destroyed the quality of my video... Do you have any free software to recommend me?
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Urban Terror 5 Physics - Part 2

posted Sunday, 08 March 2015
Hey there!

It's been a long time since my last blog post about Urban Terror 5. For many months I had to use my crappy computer with 4GB of RAM and an old Core2Duo. The real-time UE4 editor was very slow to run, so was my progress... especially when you work on game physics. :)

But good news! I invested in a brand new computer. It has a i7 4790K CPU and 16GB of RAM. And trust me, it isn't too much for the very greedy UE4 editor! And although I still use my old GPU (ATI Radeon HD 5770), Urban Terror 5 and the UE4 editor both run very smoothly.

Here is a little video I recorded today to show you the progress I made during the last four weeks (set the quality to 720p 60fps):

As you can see I worked on ledge climbing, ladder climbing, player booting/kicking and head stomping. All of them are still a Work In Progress but I'm quite happy with the result for now. I'm now going to continue working on wall jumping, strafe jumping as well as powersliding.

More to come!


Character Models Forever

posted Friday, 20 February 2015
It's been quite a while since my last blog entry but I am still doing the same job. I am still working on the character models. I have just finished the mesh for the eighth character. Her name is Soo Min and she is from Seoul, Korea. She is a member of the loosely organized anarchists following Sarah Terror.

I have finished the meshes for the U.T.R.T. characters Amanda Scott and Anastazie. I made some simple placeholder materials for them to help visualize the team uniforms.

The other character meshes that are ready for surfacing are Sarah (leader of the red team), her soldiers Pierre Vannier and Charles, and U.T.R.T. Leader Tom Striker and soldier Fred Johnson. I have four more to finish before I start making materials for them otherwise known as surfacing.

They are all wearing the classic GI shaved head hairstyle because hair will be an option in HD and you will have several styles to choose from to customize your character.
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Frankie V

Chapter 4: Don't call me Shirley.

posted Sunday, 01 February 2015
I original did up 4 chapters so this will be the last for a while but there will be more coming I just don't know when.

Chapter 4: Don't call me Shirley.

Tom was in the barracks when the news came over the Net.

Well not new news as the same subject was being played and replayed through out the night into day and it's obvious to the more informed the bias the reporting was heading as to the nature of the “criminal” act of terrorism being played out to the beat of an agenda.

The BBC has been gone for years but the fat cats still used the reporting format as to what was news on their own networks.

“More propaganda bullshit” Tom though to himself as he gave his boots a last bit of polish and positioned the two in front of him like two soldiers standing at an attention.

“Well lets see what they have to say this time”

Tom increased the volume of the overhead monitor, one of many peppered at strategic locations around the citadel, and you could not get away from the party line if you wanted to, even in the washroom, and was like having someone natter in your ear all the day.

“The horrific death of governor Robert W Baxter-Kaneen was compounded by the death of sixteen guardsmen who bravely gave their lives to fight off the well organized and trained terrorists that attacked the governors mansion last night.

The UTRT are still conducting their investigation but it is clear by these pictures you are seeing the terrorists where well armed with advanced weaponry and explosive devices that once the fighting was over only the foundation of the once glorious mansion was left standing'

Tom smirks.

“Who the hell writes this shit?”

“For more on this tragedy the network turns you over to Leslie Nielsen on the scene and with this report.

Thank you Elaine.”

This time Tom breaks out a broken laugh as it looks like this Leslie joker had just come from the Opera. The only thing missing was the top hat but with the amount of jell in his hair he could sculpt one.

“The local UTRT sheriff has informed me directly that there were aware that local terrorist cells were being organized as well communicating with other cells across this great nation and were in the process of taking action when this tragic event that you see behind me occurred.

Leslie how come we the people did not know of this organizing going on and warned?

Good Question Elaine the sheriff informed me that they did not want the terrorist made aware of their intelligences gathering methods that would have set off a chain reaction prematurity before having reinforcement teams in place. The sheriff also informs me that they are now in complete control and sending reinforcements to critical local locations as well as locations around the world.

It's good to know Leslie that we are all in good hands and look forward to this being the last act of terrorism that we as a great nation will have to face.

Indeed Elaine indeed.

We now return you back to your regular programming of Coronation Street already in progress.”

“More mind control rot”

Tom drops the volume.

Anyone in UTRT with half a mind knows that governors are a butch of chicken shit bastards that to cover their own ass stores as much bombs and bullets they can get their hands on. All that fire power is useless if you don't know how to store it and would not take much to leave a big hole in the ground.

Tom slides his feet into the nice shinny boots.

“Come to think of it”

Tom thinks to himself.

“It would only take one person knowing what they are doing to set off all of these compounds like popping popcorn”

Tom turns to his locker and reaches for the top shelf and stops as he sees the inked markings between his right thumb and forefinger.

Tom grew up in a military family going back as far as anyone can remember and Tom's father was a sergeant major in the Royal Military and ran the house hold as if one of his regiments in his charge. From him he learned God, country and honor and it was a forgone conclusion that Tom would enter the military academy and earn his commission.

When that day arrived Tom asked for and was granted permission to have his father pin his bars on for the first time and to be the first to present him with his first salute. Tom still carry’s the picture in his wallet whenever he needs a boost as to respect and pride that vanished during the Euro-Russian wars just after the world market crash.

The ER as the old timers like to call it took a lot out of everyone but there was still military pride for God, country and honor that all were willing to go to war when Russian begun pressing across their boarders and into Europe. It was not known until much later that the Russians did not have enough farming land to feed their population so as much as anyone could call it a war it was all about an act desperation.

At the time Tom was a front line commander as a captain and as such was one of the first in command to notice that military support response was not coming as fast as it should or if it came at all and at some point resupply dropped to zero leaving the men in the field to fend for themselves.
It was a blood bath after that with no way to turn it off and as food, ammo, ran out things got even worst with in fighting over anything that use to be available in abundance.

It was discovered later the one-percenters were taking control of key military assets yet to be paid for by the military and considered them on loan. Satellites, network communication systems, telephone switching networks, anything involving hardware and software was pulled in the middle of battle and communication with the front lines was not even possible using a pay phone.

The war did not end with defeat or victory but just ended as there was no way to direct reinforcement from either side and the end came because there as no one left to fight. For that matter there was no military left to speak of and the one-percenters made their own army out of anyone wishing to eat having to put on the UTRT blues.

The only badge of honor out of the ER wars was the inked reveres E slash R on the web between Tom's right thumb and forefinger that anyone even trying to fake rights and honors would land up in short order being called lefty for the rest of their life.

Tom reaches to the top shelf of this locker and pulls out three live ammo magazines for his UTRT standard issue, pops out the dummy mag slaps in the live, and put the other two in his fanny pack.

Little know fact UTRT troopers don't carry live rounds, they always land up shooting their own toes off.

Closing his locker Tom starts moving for the exit like a man with a purpose and is stop short by the garrison commander with a green trooper at his side.

“Tom I want you to meet someone. He's going to be assigned to your squad next week once he clears orientation.”

“Sheriff Tom Striker meet Denis Bajram”

As Denis raised his hand for the traditional first greet handshake Tom could already see that stupid joke forming on his lips.

“Nice to meet you just don't call me Shirley”

Tom locks and loads a round into his standard issue, the first one it's seen probably since the assembly line, and continues towards the door.

“No worries not going to happen”

And one last turn before escape is achieved.

“And the guys name is Ted you dumb ass”

Tom does the song and dance across the quad towards the waiting deuce and half trying to avoid getting mud on his shinny boots and jumps into the cab with the last single leap.

Impressed with himself he barks out orders.

“OK Trooper get her down the road”

The response was familiar but Tom was startled by the gruff Russian accent attached.


And Tom was even more startled to see the big Russian bear attached in full military posture with both hands on the wheel holding on for what seems for dear life.

“Well aren’t you a big one” in a somewhat sarcastic tone.

Toms mannerism changed as he watched the bear reach for the floor stick shift and could see the web markings on his right hand and pulls his knees up against the dash and slides back into his preferred traveling position.

“Call me Tom”

Bear as Tom would call him for now on fumbles with the stick a bit trying to find first gear on the aging deuce

“And drop the military bullshit”

“Ohkay Tom”

The old girl finally gives it up with one last bump and grind and lurches forward.

“And we go now”

And off the two go with the six in the back for a day in the British country side.

This was the part of his daily duties Tom actually enjoyed and would spend the next 8 hours with his normal crew on patrol with in their assigned zone. It was the easiest gig in town as although they had one of the largest zones to cover it had the least amount of population consisting of mostly small hamlets, townships, and farm land.

The team would drive around and would rarely get out of the deuce and their job was to just let people see them as being there like a hood ornament to show off. Except for Terry, one of his older troopers, who would drop off the back of the deuce with his skateboard when they hit that 4 kilometer of freshly asphalt road and do a bit of bumper skiing.

Today though Tom was out on an orientation patrol with green troopers but him and Bear were having a good old time hitting every pothole they could find and watching the six bounce around like a bunch of bobble heads. Bear only made Tom laugh even harder as his evil intentions were clear as each time a hole appeared he would accelerate just a bit more and would roar with Russian laughter each time the deuce would try to get a bit of air time.

Got to hand it to Bear he really managed to get that old girl running like a Formula 1 race car, or at least a rental and Tom only had to point out to turn left or right from time to time to keep them on the patrol route. Tom even talked to Bear about his thoughts as to the recent news and was in agreement that it all sound like some planned set up.

As stated Tom's patrol would rarely leave the truck except for one spot him and his usual crew would break for lunch that he liked to call “Tom's do drop in Restaurant” which was a bluff just on the far end of his assigned patrol area that over the course of many patrols he managed to haul up everything from a barbeque pit, picnic tables, and lawn furniture that would make for a nice day at the beach, if it was a beach.

The best part of TDDR was the view. You could see clear down the valley and about 3-4 kilometers away was the township of TS17, names being dropped long ago for the efficiency of numbers, and even though not part of their district they would watch the inhabitants go about their daily business with UTRT issued ground scanners.

Getting up the hill was not a problem for Bear as he only had to get the wheels to line up with tire tracks of past visits and moved up the hill in more or less cruse control and Tom knew once they make it over the next crest the valley ahead would frame out the entire windshield.

As the front of the truck came down Tom was the one surprised as if on cue he saw a familiar flash of light and the beginnings of a debris cloud forming over what was once to be TS17.

Tom was out of the deuce even before it came to a full stop and jogged over to the edge of the bluff to watch the shock wave race up the valley. Bear was not to far behind and Tom commented over his shoulder

“I think they figured it out”

“Da kaputski”

This was something new to the green troopers and not knowing what to expect had dug in to the dirt embankment.

“OH come on it's not nuclear” Not said but what Tom thought just as the shock wave arrived.

At this distance it did little damage except for being very loud, like being directly under a thunder storm, and shook the old deuce around and being a bucket of bolts only made it seem worst than it was.

The thing that gets you though is the heat and Tom closed his eyes to think barbeque instead of the lives lost in a single moment of madness he hoped to forget or never see again.

“OK boys pack it up, back on the truck, we are heading back to the citadel”

“But sir should we not head down there and help”

Grabbing the pull up handle on the deuce Tom turns to the young trooper.

“Son all that’s left is a big hole in the ground. If you want to be a tourist feel free to start walking”

Diving into the cab Bear had already gotten the old girl revved up and the troopers barely had time to buckle in when Bear popped the clutch, hammered the accelerator, and got the old girls big old butt to swing around in a 180 skidding across the grass and landing in the same place facing the other direction.



On the ride back things were not as fun. Bear this time avoided all of the potholes but still was driving a bit faster than he should but was still going to take a few hours to get back.

This gave Tom time to think...

“OK for sure a war was started but against who? The indecent in New York made sense as far as a viable target goes but TS17 was of little military relevance or of strategic value”

That’s when the shiver ran down Tom's spine.

And out loud.

“It's not military”

Bear looks at Tom like he must have missed half the conversation.

“OK hear me out. Me and my crew been watching that town for years and we know everything that goes on there every day and from a strategic stand point it would be the worst possible location for anything”

Bear nods.

“From a security stand point there is very little cover and you saw that valley, a bomber of any kind would only need to make a single pass and wipe out any kind of military strong hold and you would not want to move troops into that valley as there is only one way in and out of it”

“It's not military”

Bear puts in a bit more throttle.

“I need to talk to Dave TS17 was in his district”

Making good time Bear pulls the deuce into the quad just a little after 1330 and Tom moves across with purpose ignoring the mud this time and enters the barracks. Moving down the hall way Tom checks quickly each office in turn before reaching the bunk room.

It was clear the news had got to the citadel before Tom and his crew got back as there was a lot of heavy activity going on and news flash coming over the UTRT-Net on all channels and the banner tags were all saying the same thing.

International peace summit at TS17 rocked by Terrorist attack.


Tom turns into the bunk room.

“Where's Dave?”

“In the canteen” came the reply.

Moving back down the hall way Tom turns at the junction that takes him directly to the canteen where he finds Dave sitting nursing a cup of coffee.

“Dave what the hell happened to TS17?”

“I don't know Tom me and my crew were told to stand down for the day. We did not even help with orientation”

“That makes no sense at all” Tom says.

Dave looks up with a worried look.

“Tom what makes no sense the only way into and out of TS17 is over a single lane bridge that we can barely get the deuce over”

Something Tom did not know.

“Most times we did not even go into the town but when we did we would make a quick run through and come right back out”

While talking Tom was scratching down some notes on a napkin.

And Tom.

Tom looks up.

“They are kitting UTRT with live rounds, even the new guys”


Tom's back up and moving and makes the end of the junction just as Bear comes through the main doors. Tom half pushes Bear into a free office and closes the door behind them.

“OK first of all international peace summit my ass”

“New York, be it planned or dumb luck was the real deal right?”

Bear nods

“OK then”

Tom pulls out his notebook and napkins and lays it all out like a battle plan.

“The Net hypes up an other wise action incident that the UTRT Information Control would normally down play and certainly would not release any names of VIP's injured or killed”


Bear nods again'


“Today we have a complete town go up and told there was a peace summit going on at the time yet with one way in and only one way out was a clear red flag as to security”

Again the nod.

“The only thing that fits is if someone had already planed out before hand that an action event would take place and already had enough explosives to vaporizer an entire town that you would not know was there unless you knew it was there”

Bear started to realize where Tom was going.

“The strategic value of TS17 was not how to securer the area but how to control the area AFTER an action event”

Tom turns the napkin he was writing on in the canteen and even with his poor reading skills of the English language Bear knew the meaning of the words.

“False Flag”
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