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Can i haz more disc io plox!

posted Monday, 19 May 2014 by FS |HSO|RaideR
Ahh yes....

For those who like "Infer-structure", here is your top tip of the day. Over buy disc iops. When you dealing with VM environments as ESXi Hosts you will love how well everything works, up until the point you under-estimate disc io.

Normally people think about average and "peak" usage, you can easily forget how heavy backup is on a production system. Thinking about it there is a reason why Backup tends to happen "At night". Saying this, how do you define night when you run a "Global" used website??

People may have noticed auth dieing around 3am GMT ... well that would be some more "Heavy" backup scripts running.

Fear not! We are replacing our horribly heavy backups with super light lovely differential VM backups. Then auth should stop crashing and all is good is the world!
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