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Making Casa UE4 eps 1

posted Monday, 19 May 2014 by FS Frankie V
Been working for a while on a remake of Casa for Urban Terror HD using the Unreal Engine 4 and though you all would be interested in following along.

To start the conversion I broke down the .map file, that uses brushes, and imported into 3ds Max I was able to create the source chain with textures and materials intact. More or less this is what Casa would have looked like if idtect3 had an improved rendering engine and if texture resolution was a bit higher there would be very little need of additional work beyond filling it out a bit more as well as a bit more work in the detail.

At this stage there is a good sampling of old texture work and new physics based material to get a good sense of direction as well as between cheat textures converted to detail geometry.

At the moment I'm building all of Casa inside of a sandbox to also accomplish the development of necessary game assets so although this is not the actual game it's also a good opportunity to show off some of the detailing as to textures, materials, of the HD weapons.


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