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Gear Loadout System

posted Monday, 09 October 2017 by hg`.Gost0r
It has been almost a year since I posted an update on the progress of UrT. Well, that's not because we're not working on the game anymore, but rather a question of how to dedicate the time. Do I rather go down the road of recording and writing some blogpost or rather spend the time developing the game instead.

Well, once in a while when something isn't just half-finished, but moreover in a presentable state, it is nice to share it with you:

Old Loadout System:

Before implementing a proper loadout system, weapons were simply put into an array in the player pawn, then you start building a test build for the game and launch it. So if you wanted to test different weapons with other devs, you had to manually change the weapon loadout in the engine, build a new version and distributed to the others.

New Loadout System:

But lately we have put in some fair amount of work into getting a proper loadout system done. We named the result GearPresets.
Each GearPreset has several weapon slots as well as a list of items. Each weapon can have several attachments and potentially other customizations, so do the items.

The GearPresets have serveral other obvious and non-obvious requirements to fullfil:
Allow customizations (such as attachments, or potentially skins)
Shareable config
Multiple GearPresets


I've recorded a video that is supposed to show how the current implementation of GearPresets turn out.

Keep in mind that the menu is just temporary as we have focused on functionality rather than visuals (at this stage).

What's not shown in the video is the 'Shareable config' requirement. But as of now, we're saving and loading the different GearPresets from a user-generated config file. So simply copy-pasting the required lines would do it.
comments: Feel free to discuss this on our forums


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