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Under the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

posted Wednesday, 16 September 2020 by FS BladeKiller
It's been a while since my last blog so I thought I would show you how the first of the Asian characters is coming along. Her name is Jade. She is named for the beautiful snow-capped mountain that stands guard over her home town of Lijiang in Yunnan, China. Lijiang was an economic and transportation hub along the Ancient Tea Horse Road and its intricate system of waterways, as well as its location, make it an important strategic city in Urban Terror 5. Jade is a member of the UTRT who protect the town from those who would destroy its irrigation system and water network.

I've completed her jacket, pants and shinguards in Zbrush and have started work on her boots. This is a high res version in Zbrush with cavity maps applied as textures. They fill the indentations with shadows similar to AO maps.

This is the low res game version with the same cavity maps applied but no normal maps so it isn't smooth.

This is the RGB mask painted on the models in Zbrush. The shin guards are painted green for plastic.

The boots start as low res. Once I have the basic shape I'm after I subdivide it multiple times in Zbrush until they are over 6 million tris. Now I'm ready to start carving the high res version that will be used to make the texture, AO, cavity and normal maps.

Less than 1000 tris:

Just over 1 million tris:

Now I'm ready to start sculpting the details into these boots with over 6 million tris to play with. I'm limited by my 32 G of RAM or I would subdivide more. The nice thing about Zbrush is I can change the level of subdivision with a slider because all 7 subdivisions are always present.

Stay tuned!


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