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posted 20 days ago by FS b0ciaM
Welcome to the Community Chamber!

The very first and I hope not the last news from the community chamber I would like to start with some Flawless UTCS Fall 2023 summary. The season has just kicked off and we have already had some interesting and tense games happening. What you might have missed if you are not a Twitch subscriber is:

These are just examples of matches from Division 1 games that can cause some higher pulse.

Beside the competition we have had some nice jumping videos published on Youtube as well. Let me link just a few of them:

New clip from Meho

World record on cjumps2_b2 by Stupz

New race map by Stupz:

... and to end the post with something for older players, a retro upload from me with the last game of the Clanbase NationsCup XIV 2011 between Netherlands and France:

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