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Community chamber #2

posted 21 days ago by FS b0ciaM
Time flies fast when you are an active Urban Terror player and here I am again with the dose of news from the community world.

I would like to start with this new post from JRandomNoob about the map ut_Corn from the 5th of December of 2000 year.

I don't think that I've even heard about this one before. Check out the full story about this map with this link.

Beside that we've got a message from raffa to all Spanish players:

We welcome all of you to join our Urban Terror España channel on WhatsApp, where you could get the latest updates of all the news and events of the Urban Terror game in spanish.
Click the link to follow the Urban Terror España channel on WhatsApp:

Later on this week we have had a Halloween mapper's ressurection post by Valkover about his 10 years old map project being finished with the cooperation of Delirium named ut4_Sugarmill.

The forum thread with the download link can be found here: ut4_Sugarmill

And I wouldn't be myself if I didn't finish the post with some Youtube videos. This time we have a few angles of the same action made by Anger during the current Flawless UTCS FALL 2023 CTF season. Just take a look at this jump from different perspectives:

#1: Twitch CLIP…



Last clip for this post would be the beautiful 5 kills Ace on Tohunga by Arnica during a pickup game.


See you soon Urban Terrorists...


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