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[Tipeee] Developer News - September 2023

posted 16 days ago by FS Barbatos
Information: This Developer News was originally sent 6 months ago to people supporting us on Tipeee. I write these posts with my own words, every month, mostly showing internal development screenshots/videos and explaining the latest features in the works on the upcoming Urban Terror game on Unreal Engine 5.

If you are willing to support the development and maintenance of Urban Terror, the posts are available on Tipeee for as low as a 1€ tip. From now on I'll also repost them here with a 6 months delay. Enjoy the read and let us know whether you like them or not!

Hey everyone,

This month we've chatted extensively with the QA testers regarding their feeling of the game, and especially the combat situations where they felt something was still lacking. It took everyone a while to exactly get what was lacking, but we now think several small details added to the combat situations can make a big difference in how they're perceived by the players.

First, the hit feedback was not optimal: the hit sound was not loud enough and couldn't be heard properly by the local player in situations where a lot of players were shooting in close range. I've added a setting to manage the volume of the hit and kill sounds. I also intend to add the ability to choose between several hit and kill sound variants in the settings.

The second issue that was identified by the QA team was the lack of bullet feedback. Players didn't know that they were being targeted until they were actually hit. To that effect I've added bullet tracers, that show a subtle trail following the path of the bullet (videos included). I've also added back what we like to call the "whizz" sound from urt4. It's the bullet flyby sound that a player hears when a bullet flies close to them. It really adds to the sense of immediate danger.
These changes will be made available to the QA team very soon. We hope that they improve the combat experience and improve the feeling in this area, which is currently a blocker for a public release - we want to make it right.

Another area I've worked on is the smoke grenade. I've noticed a few months ago a Counter Strike 2 inspired smoke grenade proof of concept made on UE5 by Christian Sparks (@hippowombat - go check his work on Twitter/X). I've contacted him a few weeks ago to get more information and he ended up sharing his PoC project under the MIT license - many thanks to him! He developed a flood fill algorithm allowing the smoke of the grenade to spread around the center point (the grenade model in our case) taking into account the environment so that the smoke goes around static objects to make it more realistic. This process also allows to interact with the smoke by shooting at it and poking a hole into it for example thanks to the smoke particles positions being recalculated frequently.
The major issue is implementing this technology into the game without degrading the player experience (the all-mighty FPS!). This means doing lots of optimization which I'm currently working on. I've included a video or two showing the current WIP smoke grenade. It's far from perfect for now but I hope to show you better visuals next month!

One last thing, I've added the list of connected Steam friends to the main menu, making it easy to quickly interact with friends. An "invite" button will eventually allow players to invite their friends to a lobby session - but we're not quite there yet.

This month JohnnyEnglish and Lizart worked on making a main menu map for the game, the current one having been done very quickly several years ago. They've neatly implemented lots of different assets that were all completely done by many different FS artists over the last few years. I think it looks very good already.

Neon has been busy trying to get the new G9 player model framework to work in-game in order to allow himself and FrankieV to experiment with it. I've included a few screenshots!

JohnnyEnglish wanted me to introduce you to his new buddy named Timothy (screenshots included)... I was too scared to say no. He also felt like modeling a drone. That might be of use at some point in the future, who knows. We've got a few ideas already..

Oh, and Lizart has started modeling a new map, based on a UrT4 map... will you recognize the first few buildings? :)



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