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Flawless UTCS FALL 2023 Match Day

posted 10 days ago by FS b0ciaM

Flawless UTCS competition has reached the play-off stage. With two weeks of time to play the matchs, all involved teams have the time to play their games by the end of 27th of November, which means more interesting games are coming our way. Here are the play-off cup trees in both gametypes.

Team Survivor rankings after the group stage:

Play-off cup tree:

Capture the Flag group stage results:

Play-off cup tree:

I will try to post the game schedules once they are set in stone so keep an eye on this post or the following ones.

Current schedule:

19/11/2023 9PM CET usXiN` vs euwG** Capture the Flag
19/11/2023 10.30PM CET ar#MD vs euwG* Team Survivor Stream confirmed
20/11/2023 9.30PM CET eurummy. vs asbz# Team Survivor Stream confirmed
23/11/2023 9PM CET eurummy. vs trbanana. Capture the Flag Stream confirmed
25/11/2023 11PM CET euwG** vs us(8) Team Survivor Stream confirmed
26/11/2023 4PM CET ar#MD vs trbanana. Team Survivor Stream confirmed
Catch them at:


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