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Community chamber #4

posted 2 months ago by FS b0ciaM
While we are still waiting for Christmas to come I will use my chance to present you the thing everyone is waiting for. In other words the Urban Terror 5 footage done by one of the developers as a Halloween event in virtual version. If you haven't seen it yet check it out!

Staying in the dark themes we have a new map project waiting for some feedback on our forums called ut4_ancients. The arena is made by dasante and is oriented towards the Capture the Flag game mode.

If you want to learn more about this map feel free to visit the forum thread which contains a download link and an extended gallery.

Besides that we have a new upload from meho following the Halloween scenery with a dark and sketchy map called enigma_b1. Full clip here:

I would like to finish this episode with another retro upload on my YouTube channel dated back to 27/02/2012 and showcasing the For the Win League season 6 GlaD- vs # Tohunga CTF game. Some of the players are still around til this day. Isn't it some real dedication? No matter what you might think of the old 4.1 version this game is worth being published.

Hear you soon Terrorists...


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