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Community chamber #5

posted 2 months ago by FS b0ciaM
Between the Flawless League updates there is a time for another Community Chamber episode that I have prepared for every Urban Terror fan out there.

Let me start with the recent upload from M3T4L on his channel that is: a long promised Explosion Clan video, a decade later, but better late than never, huh? clip. The story behind it is simply recovered memories from the play time and evolution of authors clan being put up together into one long movie presenting as many members and clips as it was possible. It looks like they had a good time together and now you can feel it too with the YouTube clip:

While we are in the beta 4.1 - 4.2 era there is another good clip coming from over a decade ago. An updated and extended version of the movie that took part in the UrT Movie Contests hosted by us. In case you missed it like I did all the videos are still available for watching. This particular clip has been updated by DisasterCasterLOL and to me it is even better than the original.

Continuing the chamber post I would like to present you the link shared lately on our Discord server by one of the users proving that our game is still out there on the market and still being discovered by new players each day. I am really happy that there are still up to date reviews being posted on any social platform not strictly related to Urban Terror but games in general and we are still getting some air time on the channels with a decent number of subscribers. Can we prove the author is being wrong to put Urban Terror on the Dead Games list? Use your creativity and powers in the comments section below the clip. Anyways thanks to the Rye Games channel for promoting our game and spreading a good word about our community. Here's the video I am talking about:

This wasn't the only game review that I have discovered lately and the article you are about to read comes from the real depth of internet archives. There was no better source of knowledge and data about Quake 3 & mods than the Planet Quake Platform. I can't really figure the date of this article but it's a good read and definitely the real beginnings of the Urban Terror project. There is a good chat between an Urban Terror developers and Hellchick and all that can be read up with this link: Feel the Terror!

That's it for today. Hear you soon Terrorists!


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