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Community chamber #7

posted 1 month ago by FS b0ciaM

Another Community chamber entry I would like to start with the hottest website on the Urban Terror planet right now. Those who don't know it yet let me quickly introduce the story behind it. Two gamers: dearnoldus and beRocket created the interactive webpage where you can test your knowledge about maps and pickup players. With these two categories, Mystery Maps or Guess the Player, you have 5 chances to guess either the name of the arena that is being presented or in the other section the player's nickname based on the short youtube video action. Each time you have a few chances and after every wrong guess the website helps you out with hints. Each correct answer adds points to your account and there is a leader board displaying all contestants' scores. Does it sound like fun to you? Give it a try and test yourself then!

Link to the website is To play you will need a valid discord account!

Another Urban Terror review

Recently we've been lucky with some big YouTube channels giving us free promotions. Not long time ago, we had another upload on a big channel called Levan4kGaming. It was the chance to appear to the audience that might have never heard of Urban Terror before. Thanks to this video we are reaching out to over 48K of his subscribers. If you are reading this post blog because of that thank you!
As stated by the author, it's his yearly tradition to play some Urban Terror during the Christmas season. We like it! Keep it up!

Here is the clip I am talking about:

Flawless UTCS Winter 2024 streams

If you are still hungry for some more Urban Terror action here I come. This is an upload from Twitch stream by aRandomDude on his streaming channel with the dose of his shoutcast. The game is played by the teams: usRapid- and us|30+| in Capture the Flag mode for the current Flawless UTCS Winter 2024 CTF season. Two maps match goes smoothly and hell no I won't tell you who the winner is!

Watch and see:

Farloon Urban Terror CTF Frag movie #1

To finish the post with a satisfaction I can't miss the opportunity to present you one more video of the returning player that might have rediscovered the game thanks to the reviews that I have mentioned above. beFarloon the man I am talking about has just posted a video of his 1st week of gaming after a long break. From what we can see in the video it doesn't take much to refresh memory from the past and over 7 mins long clip is full of nice plays done on the public servers. Thanks for posting this movie and I hope it won't be the last one in the series. Keep it up beFarloon

Youtube video below:

See you soon Terrorists!


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