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Community chamber #8

posted 1 month ago by FS b0ciaM

This episode of Community Chamber I would like to devote to Twitch streamers that have been really busy lately. Anyone who does not have enough time to play can hop in to the stream and watch some real time Urban Terror action in many game types. Jumps , pickups , public or even some mapping. Don't believe me? See these short Twitch clips that I have found interesting!

blazefantasyy: Hello!

b0c1aM: ezeee & JsN meeting mid!

Memnon : Soli says hello!

Hampus : sup lads?

Dewar : flying shoot

blazefantasyy : Does anyone need a medic?

holyarni : Capture the Frag?

Memnon : Surprise surprise

blazefantasyy : good night Flash

holyarni : holy crepe

holyarni: ut4_ulbrace_3 Speed run (Personal Best)

Ulbens: Urban Terror need new maps!

All the Streams can be found under the Urban Terror category using this link:

See You soon Terrorists!

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