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Flawless UTCS Winter 2024 Play-offs

posted 13 days ago by FS b0ciaM

We have now progressed to the very final stages of the current Flawless UTCS Winter 2024 season. During the last two weeks the teams have been competing in the play-off's games that will ultimately decide who wins in each category: Masters, Legends, Heroes. Let me quickly introduce the final rankings after the group stages for both game types.

Team Survivor:

Division 1:

Division 2:

Capture the Flag:

Division 1:

Division 2A:

Division 2B:

So now the current play-off cup trees looks like this:

Team Survivor:

Capture the Flag:

We are 10 Matches away from the Decoration Ceremony for the Flawless UTCS Winter 2024 season. As usual you can rewind some of the games that have already been streamed on the Flawless TWITCH channel with the help of their streaming crew.

uno rM` vs us XiN` in TS:

as bz# vs jp ((+ in CTF:

ve pilo vs jp ((+ in TS:

jp ((+ vs ar MD# in CTF:

eu intel* vs uno rM` in TS:

eureverie` vs jp ((+ in TS:

eu reverie` vs jp ((+ in CTF:

eu wG** vs pl OP| in TS:

Stay tuned for more info next week!

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