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Community chamber #9

posted 1 month ago by FS b0ciaM
Welcome back to another Community Chamber post. The last few weeks have been really interesting in terms of community creativity. We have had some very nice frag movies, jump movies and also a flashback from the past clip posted. Let's rewind some of them together!

I would like to start with quite a long upload from frHeMP called The Last Dance. It's a nostalgic frag movie bringing back the 2015 year of fragging to your screen. I am sure many of you will see familiar nicks & friends in this video. So let's not wait any longer and let's dance to the rhythm of bullets.

Another blast from a more recent past would definitely be a production coming out from usbzegs. I am so thankful that the era of the events from the title of this clip are over but we can still witness some heavy gaming that occurred while everyone was locked at homes. The frag movie is filled with tense clutches and nice plays from the author with the doze of summer vibes. What more can you ask for?

It's a must to mention the brilliant clips made by deArnoldus. Please forgive me but I have to post them all because I can't pick the best one to feature in this blog post. They are all great!

In the meantime Urban Terror got featured on another Youtube channel with over 21000 subscribers. The author is known for playing some old classic games in the modern times and from what you can see he realy liked our game. I hope it's not the last time he promotes Urban Terror across his audience and it could definitely help if you guys could show some support under that video. Thank you Shouneyboy <3

Another interesting upload is named UT4_Algiers_de_v01 for CS Beta 6 walkaround and it might sound odd to some of you but it looks like Urban Terror map Algiers actually inspired someone to remake it and adapt it to Counter Strike scenery. You have read it all right, don't scratch your head. Urban Terror map is getting converted in to Counter-Strike 1.6 engine. Full evidence in the clip attached.

We all know that game isn't designed only to shoot, some players find it better with jumping and here comes itUlbens with his latest community video featuring frVivaldi, auShans, frstupz, sequak, brGooti, deCoffe and many more. Total number of 19 maps being jumped is impressive with the 4K video quality. All the jumps are close to impossible to repeat and definitely worth watching. I hope you will enjoy it!

Hear you soon Terrorists!


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