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Flawless UTCS Spring 2024 group phase games summary

posted 10 days ago by FS b0ciaM

Flawless UTCS Spring 2024 season is about to hit the play-off phase. There are the last games to be played for the group stage and everything can change last minute yet. Lucky for you there are stream records available in case you might have missed some of the games. The detailed rankings can be found with the tables down below.

Team Survivor:

Capture the Flag:

Stream records:

jp ((+ vs as bz. in TS :

eu reverie` vs co BOSS| in TS & CTF :

us |30+| vs eu wG*J* in TS & CTF :

eu wG*T* vs us |30+| in CTF :

eu reverie` vs ar MD# in TS :

jp ((+ vs eu reverie` in CTF :

eu wG*J* vs eu wG*T* in TS :

eu reverie` vs pt =NC= in TS :

bt RAW# vs pl OP| in TS :

bt RAW# vs as bz. in TS :

Play-off phase starts from 04/06/2024. Don't miss it!


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