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eChain Euro TDM League

in Leagues - posted Tuesday, 24 June 2008 by FrozenSand

We received the following message from wdp/Chani:

There is a new Urban Terror league arround, making the game more interesting to new players and small clans. Instead of doing a CTF, Team Survivor or Bomb Mode league, we're going for a Team Death Match league, open for clans and so called player-groups (unclanned players who team up). You and 3 friends can start in this League.

You need at least 4 Players. If everything goes well, the first Tournament will start at July 5th, 2008.

More info: or in our forums.

1v1 and 2v2 Tournament of Terror!

in Leagues - posted Saturday, 14 June 2008 by FrozenSand
[T]BludShoT provided us with the following information:

The first 1v1 Tournament of Terror has just wrapped up over on the Team Terror website. Congratulations to the winner, Zoo. Check out the tourney site where you can view the bracket and the match results and demos.

The second 1v1 tournament will be starting soon, and this time we're adding a European tourney as well! In fact, we'll add a tourney for any continent that enough players sign up for. (Players will only play against others on the same continent, there will be no Euro vs American matches.)

The 1v1 is a single elimination tournament that follows a best 2 out of 3 format, 10 minute maps, 2 minute rounds. Register now for the second 1v1 Tournament of Terror!

Registation is also open for our new North American 2v2 tourney.

Forum thread here.

All Your Clanbase Belong to America

in Leagues - posted Sunday, 27 April 2008 by FrozenSand
It's time to announce the very first America's Hosted Cup.

The ioURT Cup will be played Capture the Flag 5on5 and Blu3y & BlackRepublican have teamed up together to bring America additional fun in Urban Terror.

They are both looking forward to this first Hosted Cup for our the American Urban Terror Community and hope you are going to join us and help support it now and in future seasons!

For further information and details head over to Clanbase.

Player Appreciation Week

in Leagues - posted Friday, 11 April 2008 by FrozenSand

May 3rd and 4th 2008 is |ALPHA| Clan's Player Appreciation Weekend. $100.00 cash prize to the winner with the most kills. Open to the entire Urban Terror Community. Click on the link Player Appreciation Weekend Signup for more details on how to enter.


Season 2: ioUrT League Continues!

in Leagues - posted Wednesday, 09 April 2008 by FrozenSand
After a minor disruption to the second season of the ioUrT League, officials have been busy reestablishing the league with a new domain and hosting. All league information will now be found at Gamers and admins can now get back into the fragging and continue action. Thanks to everyone for the understanding and support.

Get Involved: Admins Wanted!

in Leagues - posted Saturday, 15 March 2008 by FrozenSand
The Urban Terror Spring 2008 Open Cup is upon us at Clanbase. This time around it will be 5v5 Team Survivor, but in order for the cup to start without a hitch Bluey needs you! As a Co-Supervisor for the Open Cup, she is looking for gamers who wanted to get involved and help as admins for the cup.

"Being an admin can take less than an hour a week just to admin one match. Even if you can only give us an hour of your time, every little bit helps to make the cup better and to give better coverage. If you have some time and would like to help us improve the quality of the cups," says Bluey.

For more information and details visit the the news post on Clanbase or if you cannot wait to help out Clanbase, Urban Terror and gamers worldwide, click here to submit your application.

Clanbase Urban Terror Icon Competition

in Leagues - posted Tuesday, 04 March 2008 by FrozenSand
This year, instead of having a logo competition, I think it's about time that we made our own funky icons to spice up these News posts. As I have zero talent with graphics, and little to no artistic flare so I thought it would be best to ask you guys out there to invent and design some wonderful logos that we can use through not just this cup, but any future cups as well.

The usage of icons is not exhaustive, and doesn't need to stick to just those topics displayed as above. Use your creative talents to come up with other icons we could use for other types of topics, an example would be "Compeition time" which I would obviously use extensively! We could have icons to highlight our different game types used in our Cups, important news, rule changes, anything you can think of that would be fun, just do it! All submissions will be reviewed and posted (providing they are appropriate!)


    * Submit any icons to Blu3ys-at-gmaildotcom with "Icons" in the topic

    * Use the Icons above as a guide for the size we are looking for - unless you think larger ones work better.

    * Icons must look good on both the Red and Blue colour schemes for ClanBase.

    * Relate the Icons to OUR wonderful, fabulous game where possible!

    * Icons will be used for future cups, make sure they aren't specific to certain cups.

    * Have fun! And any questions, just pop me a mail or use the CB PM system

Click for information and details at Clanbase.

Server of the Month: Ride Yer Ponie!

in Leagues - posted Saturday, 01 March 2008 by FrozenSand
Get your game on and join the Urban Terror Forum Server of the Month! This month featuring the [US]Public -=CTF=- Pony Party - Home of the shadows sponsored by the UrbanShadows Clan. So stop by and say hello to Clan Urban Shadows. If you would like your server featured as the server of the month, drop a PM on IRC (Quakenet or ETG) in #urbanterror to Oswald or post your request in this thread on the Urban Terror Forums.

Friday Night FragFest: |HSO| Style

in Leagues - posted Friday, 08 February 2008 by FrozenSand

While Urban Radio will not be heard this weekend, there is still plenty to get excited for as Clan |HSO| in conjunction with TLOG [The League of Gentlemen] bring you a special weekend full of action.

The week the special theme weekend sponsored by Clan |HSO| will feature two never before played levels. This weekend beginning at 11PST/14EST/20CET you can join |HSO| and TLOG as they bring you Denton by Mercury and Vasey by Ed.

You can download the level from the Clan |HSO| web site or for those using the io version of Urban Terror you can automatically download when you connect to the server. You can also join #|HSO| of #TLOG on Quakenet and leave your feedback regarding the levels on the |HSO| Forum.

The server IP for the special frag weekend is, you can also connect to their TS2 server at So what are you waiting for? Get inside the game and go where Quake meets reality!

STA Urban Terror League Season Start Date Announced

in Leagues - posted Sunday, 20 January 2008 by FrozenSand

Klarity lets us know through the forums that the start date for the well known USA Urban Terror league called STA (Stronger Than All) has been announced. So now is the time to get your clan signed up for the action! If you don't have a clan yet, form one!

More info at the STA site.
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