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UrT Resurgence

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GRATIS - Urban Terror HD

in UrT Resurgence - posted Thursday, 25 November 2010 by FrozenSand

Q: Is Urban Terror staying free to play?
A: Yes, it is.

Q: Are you guys dropping linux support?!
A: No. We'll be releasing simultaneously on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Q: What about security? You guys took a while to patch the ioquake rcon holes.
A: We'll be able to stay on top of server exploits now that we have some staff dedicated to the problem.

Q: What about open sourcing the server code?
A: The terms of the licence we're using prevents us from doing so. Server admins will no longer be able to modify the server code.
However, we share many of the concerns pointed out by server admins so tools for server management and customization are being developed.

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A new era of Urban Terror

in UrT Resurgence - posted Wednesday, 03 November 2010 by FrozenSand
Hi folks, Frozen Sand here with some important news about the next release. Firstly, Urban Terror 4.2 is still coming. It’s got new maps, new visuals, new weapons, a new renderer and of course, the passport anticheat. It’s got the most new content and features since the original 2.0. Pretty amazing seeing it was supposed to be just a nice quiet patch done sometime last year. Everybody loves feature creep, right?

To be able to do all that, Frozen Sand is going to ship as an official Q3 licensee, forked properly from the 1.32b Quake sources. The GPL stuff we’ve made public releases of (IoUrbanTerror 4.1 and IOBumpy) will still have their sources available, but there won’t be another Q3/GPL’d Engine Urban Terror release. From the next version on out, Urban Terror will be its own standalone game with its own engine and no longer a mod. This means we can do the tech we want instead of having to keep backwards compatibility with vanilla Q3.

With all these changes, this is a new era for our game, and it can't be simply named 4.2. We have decided to publish this next major release with a fully new name:

Urban Terror HD (Beta 1)

Q: So when is 4.2/Urban Terror HD, coming out then? We’re going to have to wait forever now arn’t we???

A: Before you freak out, this actually means we can finally ship Urban Terror HD sooner rather than later, because we’ve been debating the correct way to resolve the GPL issue and still release an Anticheat for over a year now. Lots of time waiting gave us lots of time to keep adding features. But now beta 1’s feature set is locked in stone, and we’ll be doing public QA testing with our new standalone game and engine sometime between now and Christmas.

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