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Game Manual


A Binding Keys

Urban Terror has default keys assigned when you install the game. These keys can be reassigned from the user interface by clicking on SETUP -> CONTROLS or by modifying your config file.Alternatively, if you are in game and wish to change controls, simply hit the ESCAPE key and click the CONTROLS option that appears.

Another method, for advanced users, is to pull down the Quake III console (usually with the tilde key), and type in the command at the console prompt. For example, type /bind x ut_radio 1 1 (x being any key you choose and with spaces between the 1 and the 1.

B Key/Command Chart

B.1 Look

Look UpPGDNLooks up+lookup
Look DownDELLooks down+lookdown
Mouse Look\Activates ability to look 360 degrees with mouse.+mlook
Center ViewENDCenters your view.centerview
Zoom Weapon InMOUSE2Zooms in your scoped weapon.ut_zoomin
Zoom Weapon Out-Zooms out your scoped weapon.ut_zoomout
Zoom ResetXResets your weapon zoom.ut_zoomreset
Free LookONSetting that enables/disables ability to look in 360 degrees with mouse.cl_freelook (0/1)

B.2 Move

Always RunONForces player to always run.cl_run (0/1)
Run/WalkSHIFTToggles between run/walk when depressed.+speed
Walk ForwardWPrimary forward movement key.+forward
BackpedalSPrimary backpedal movement key.+back
Strafe LeftAPrimary left movement key.+left
Strafe RightDPrimary right movement key.+right
Up/JumpSPACEPrimary jumping/move up key.+moveup
Down/CrouchSHIFTPrimary crouch/move down key.+movedown
Turn Left (optional)LEFTARROWTurns player to left.+left
Turn Right (optional)RIGHTARROWTurns player to right.+right
Sidestep/Turn-Turns player to the side.-
SprintMMakes player sprint (faster then running).+button8
Sprint (alternate)-Alternate method of sprinting (only works when you have strafe left bound and strafe right each bound to a single key only)Hold left and right strafe keys, while pressing move forward

B.3 Shoot

Attack-Primary attack key+attack
Reload-Reloads current weapon.+button5
Weapon Mode-Changes current firing mode+button3
Previous WeaponMWHEELDOWNCycles to previous weapon.weapprev
Next WeaponMWHEELUPCycles to next weapon.weapnext
Drop Weapon-Drops current weapon.ut_weapdrop

B.4 Misc

Show ScoresTABDisplays the current scoreboard+scores
BandageQBandages your wounds+button6
(def)use / Open DoorCTRLUses / opens objects in the real world, such as doors or waypoint computers / defuse bomb in bomb mode+button7
Team Select Menu-Opens the team selection interfaceui_selectteam
Gear Select Menu-Opens the weapon/item selection interfaceui_selectgear
Next Item] Cycles to the next item in your inventoryut_itemnext
Previous Item Cycles to the previous item in your inventoryut_itemprev
Drop Item=Drops current itemut_itemdrop
Use ItemPActivates current item (turns on or off, example: laser sight)ut_itemuse
SensitivityN/AMove the slider to the right to increase mouse sensitivity, to the left to decrease it.sensitivity (1-30)
Invert Mouse Y AxisOff by defaultInverts the vertical axis if your mouse (up becomes down, down becomes up)ui_mousepitch (0/1)
Smooth MouseOff by defaultSmooths mouse by averaging mouse input over a distance.m_filter(0/1)

B.5 Chat

ChatTEnables you to chat with people on the servermessagemode
Team ChatYSends your chat messages to only those on your teammessagemode2
Target Chat-Sends your chat messages to person under crosshairsmessagemode3
Radio MenuUOpens the radio message interfaceut_radio

C Client CVARs

Urban Terror also implements new client variables, known as CVARs. These are variables, that users can change from their default setting. The CVARs listed in our manual are the ones that are Urban Terror specific or related.

Client CVARs can be changed, but they only affect what happens on your computer - you cannot affect what other people see or hear by changing client CVARs. To change a CVARr, go to the console (press the ~ key) and type a slash (/) followed by the name of the CVAR, followed by the value you want to set it to. For example: <i>/cg_fov 90</i>. This CVAR would set the cg_fov CVAR to "90". You can enter the name of the CVAR without a value to see what it is presently set to.

C.1 UrT Specific CVARs

cg_autoradio0Toggles a 'Fire in the hole' message that is played globally. If set to '1' the message will be heard.
cg_autorecordmatch1Set to 1 to enable auto demo recording on match start.
cg_autoscreenshot1Takes screen shots on public servers and during match mode. If set to 2 will only take screen shots in match mode.
cg_chatHeight4Number of lines of chat text that you see. Longer lines means you'll be able to follow a conversation longer, but it will clutter up your screen more. Less lines makes it harder to read discussions when it's busy. Most people drop to the console (press ~ key) if a big conversation is happening.
cg_chatTime4000Number of milliseconds that a chat messages stays on the screen before it goes.
cg_crosshairfriendRGB1 0 0 1Color of your crosshair when it is placed over a teammate.
cg_crosshairnamessize0.3Changes name size when crosshair is over player.
cg_crosshairnamestype3Switches between different crosshair name types, valid range 0 to 3.
cg_drawHands1If set to 1, you'll see hands holding the weapon in first person (normal) view. If set to 0, the hands won't be shown. Turning off hands can produce a small performance boost.
cg_drawteamoverlayscores1Valid range, 0-3. 0 is off. 1 displays both teams. 2 displays your team and number of alive enemies. 3 is yourself and the number of alive teammates and enemies.
cg_drawteamscores1Turns off the scores from the above options.
cg_gunsize1If set to 1, makes the size of the in-view weapon smaller for people who prefer it that way.
cg_hitsound0Audible sound (plink) when you hit your enemy.
cg_hudweaponinfo2Configures the visual display of your weapon information; weapon name, number of rounds/clips, weapon mode. Valid range: 0-2.
cg_mapalpha0.6Changes the transparency of the mini-map on the screen.
cg_maparrowscale1.0Changes the size of your player arrow on the mini-map.
cg_mappos0 If set to 0, the mini-map is not represented. The mini-map can be moved counter-clockwise around the HUD using 1-9 for the different positions.
cg_mapsize128Changes the size of the mini-map on the screen.
cg_maptoggle1Toggles the mini-map on and off.
cg_marktotaltime5000Number of milliseconds that a mark, like a bullet hole will stay on a surface before it disappears. The more marks you have the slower the game gets, so setting this value high is only useful if you have a fair bit of grunt on your system. Recommended to leave at 10000.
cg_maxFragments32Determines the maximum number of fragments a breakable object will break into. The map sets this value for each breakable object, so if you have maxFragments set at 32 and the map only asked for 16, then you'll still only see 16.
cg_msgHeight4Set number of lines or strings of text that remain on screen.
cg_msgTime4000Number of milliseconds messages from teammates are displayed on the screen.
cg_nvg0Changes color while using Tactical goggles (NVGs) are enabled. Valid range, 0-8.
cg_optimize1Set to 1 to enable optimized client code, will increase FPS on low end CPUs.
cg_physics1Set to 1 to enable frame rate independent physics; jump same distances regardless of your fps.
cg_rgb255 0 0Sets your armband/minimap/scoreboard color, if server allows it.
cg_scopefriendrgb0 0 0 0.8Default color of the scope when your crosshair is over a teammate.
cg_scopeg360Configures the scope type for tehh G36, valid range 0 to 3.
cg_scopePSG0Configures the scope type for the PSG-1, valid range 0 to 3.
cg_scopeRGB0.9 0 0 0.65Controls the color of the inner crosshairs of scoped weapons, defaulted to black.
cg_scopering2Shows a ring on the crosshair scope reflecting MP. Enabled by default.
cg_scopesr80Configures the scope type for the SR8, valid range 0 to 3.
cg_sfxbrasstime5000Number if milliseconds that brass (ejected shells) stay lying around on the ground. A lot of shells can cause a performance hit. If you have a beefy system then you can extend this time so ejected shells remain on the ground much longer.
cg_sfxBreathing1If set to 1, allows you to hear heavy breathing when a player is exhausted. Set this to 0 if you find the sound distracting. Note that others will still hear you breathing if you turn it off.
cg_sfxParticles1If set to 0, will turn off all particle effects except hit effects. This can be used to reduce the frame rate impact caused by particle effects, which can potentially become large if there is a lot of action going on.
cg_sfxShowDamage1If set to any number other than 0, will use damage skins on models when a player gets hit. Setting this to zero will save a small amount of memory. By default damage skins are on.
cg_sfxSurfaceImpacts1If set to one, shows bullet impact effects on hitting surfaces. There may be a small performance boost to be gained from turning this off, but it needs to be balanced against the difficulty of seeing where shots are hitting.
cg_sfxTeamBands1If set to 0, removes the arm bands and leg bands from players in team games. Note, this will onlUT Specific CVARsffect what you see; others will still see you wearing arm bands and leg bands. This is included so people who don't like the arm bands and leg bands don't have to see them.
cg_sfxVisibleItems1IF set to 1, it enables visible items/weapons on players. Setting this to 0 will increase FPS but remove visible Kevlar, guns on players backs, etc.
cg_showbullethits2If set to 1, prints messages about where you were hit and where you hit others. Some people find these messages distracting, and prefer them to be turned off. Set cg_showBulletHits to 0 to turn them off.
cg_SpectatorShoutcaster1If set to 1 will display player name, weapon and health in team color above the player model in spectator mode only.
cg_speedo0If set to 1 will reflect the speed of your player (XY & XYZ) in the game when your player is moving.
cg_standardChat0Urban Terror separates chat messages from other messages in the main view. If you prefer not to have them separated (ie: the normal Quake 3 way) then set this to 1.

C.2 Crosshair Colors

Using the cg_crosshairRGB (Color of your crosshair) and cg_crosshairFriendRGB (color of your crosshair when placed over a teammate) CVARs allow you to change the color of your crosshair more accurately than through the menu. However we recommend you only do this if you are experienced with the usage of CVARs.

Crosshair Color Chart

   1 .5 .5 1   1 1 .5 1   .5 1 .5 1   0 1 .5 1   .5 1 1 1   0 .5 1 1   1 .5 .75 1   1 .5 1 1
   1 0 0 1   1 1 0 1   .5 1 0 1   0 1 .25 1   0 1 1 1   0 .5 .75 1   .5 .5 .75 1   1 0 1 1
   .5 .25 .25 1    1 .5 .25 1   0 1 0 1   0 .5 .5 1   0 .25 .5 1   .5 .5 1 1    .5 0 .25 1   1 0 .5 1
   .5 0 0 1    1 .5 0 1   0 .5 0 1   0 .5 .25 1    0 0 1 1   0 0 .63 1   .5 0 .5 1   .5 0 1 1
   .25 0 0 1   .5 .25 0 1   0 .25 0 1    0 .25 .25 1   0 0 .5 1   0 0 .25 1   .25 0 .25 1   .25 0 .5 1
   0 0 0 1   .5 .5 0 1   .5 .5 .25 1   0 1 .5 1   .5 .5 .5 1   .25 .5 .5 1   .75 .75 .75 1   .25 0 .25 1

Changing Crosshair Color

Here are a few samples of what is possible. Order of values: "Red Green Blue Alpha"

Red - Value of Red (Range: 0-1)
Green - Value of Green (Range: 0-1)
Blue - Value of Blue (Range: 0-1)
Alpha - Value of Alpha (Range: 0-1) 1 is opaque, 0 is transparent

Typing cg_crosshairRGB "1 0 0 1" (Red 1, Green 0, Blue 0, Alpha 1) (do not forget the quotes before and after the values) in the console will change the color of the crosshair to red.

Typing cg_crosshairFriendRGB "0 1 0 1" (Red 0, Green 1, Blue 0, Alpha 1) will change the color of the crosshair when placed over a teammate to green. You cannot set the crosshairs in order to identify enemies, only teammates.

To find the crosshair color that’s right for you grab any graphic's application that uses a standard RGB pallet, and find something that you like in its color picker, which should list values like so roughly:
Red: 34
Green: 128
Blue: 243

Now take and divide those values by 255.
34 / 255 = 0.13+
128 / 255 = 0.5+
243 / 255 = 0.95+

Since the crosshair color CVARs values are in the Red,Green,Blue,Alpha order we would then use the above values as such:
/cg_crosshairRGB "0.13,0.5,0.95,1"

Or if you want it slightly transparent:
/cg_crosshairRGB "0.13,0.5,0.95,0.6"

C.3 Locked/Limited CVARs

Over the years some Quake III Arena variables have been limited or locked, resulting in gamers not being able to modify these on their end. Many claim "an increase in FPS" but most of these variables were limited or locked in order to deter hacking and cheating. Some of those CVARs that are modified include:

cg_bobup: Locked.
cg_fov: 90-110.
cg_pitchup: Locked.
cg_sfxMuzzleFlash: Locked.
Snaps: Locked.
cl_maxpackets: Range 20-42.
r_fastsky: Locked.
r_lightmap: Locked.
r_MapOverBrightBits: Locked.
r_Overbrightbits: Locked.
r_picmip: Range 0-2.

D Configuration Files

D.1 What are configuration (.cfg) files?

Configuration or config files are text files with the file extension of ".cfg" rather than the standard ".txt". These are used to store binds, cvar values, and cvar stings (scripts) that allow you to move about and interact with the game world that is Urban Terror.

Most experienced gamers will create their own personal configuration files, with or without scripts included so the game is tweaked in order to be able to improve their game experience. Many things can be done with configuration files, from tweaking network settings so that the connection to the server is always smooth as silk to pull a few more FPS out of their system, or just to have all the keys where they want them.

There are two important config files. The q3config.cfg is the only config file everyone has in its Urban Terror folder. The q3config.cfg files contain all the settings and variables for UrbanTerror. Any changes you make in SETUP -> CONTROLS will be reflected in this file for example. It is not recommended to edit this file manually, but you can safely look at it using a text file viewer which supports Unicode Text Files (i.e WordPad) and it should not be write protected.

The autoexec.cfg is where all customization should be done. This overwrites all values and binds set by the prior config file, and allows for the execution of many more sub config files should the need arise, this can also be used to store scripts. If you need to customize your configuration, we recommend you edit this file.

D.2 How do I modify the autoexec.cfg?

To modify your autoexec.cfg file, open the .cfg file with Wordpad or any other text editor and modify as necessary. Once you have finished save the file to your q3ut4 folder. We recommend using QBind, an advanced script editor for Quake Engine games that allows scripts to be edited in a familiar and intuitive manner or one of the other scripting/config programs listed below.

D.3 How do I execute a .cfg file?

To execute a config file, simply bring down the console using the the tilde key ~. Once the console appeared, type a slash (/) followed by exec and then the name of the .cfg file you wish to execute. Example: /exec myconfig.cfg.

D.4 Why is my config not working?

Normally the autoexec.cfg will execute without a hitch, but there are times when it can fail. Normally this is because of heavy fragmentation of the hard drive, so first try defragging your drive.

If the autoexec.cfg file still doesn't work, right click on io UrbanTerror shortcut and select "Properties" from the menu. Select the "Shortcut" tab. In the "Target:" field the command line should contain:

"C:\Program Files\UrbanTerror42\Quake3-UrT.exe"

Now add the following to that line:
+exec autoexec.cfg

Your command line should now read:
"C:\Program Files\UrbanTerror42\Quake3-UrT.exe" +exec autoexec.cfg

Should it still not execute correctly, launch the game and bring down the console by pressing the tilde ~ key. Once the console appeared enter the following command:
/bind X "exec autoexec.cfg"
Where "X" is a key of your choice. We also recommend you place the same command in your autoexec.cfg. Whenever you launch the game, you will then have to press X in order to execute your autoexec file.

You can also enter the following into the console should the bind not work:
/exec autoexec.cfg

However both of the above methods will require you to either press the X key or type the command every time you launch the game.

D.5 Config File Generators

If editing and updating your own configs feels like a daunting task and you are not sure of CVARs and how they should be set, you might try using a config generator.
Two such generators are listed below:

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