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Urban Terror History

"Where Quake meets reality" is the motto the developers of Urban Terror have adopted. While many mod these days tend to focus on realistic game play, Urban Terror takes a "fun over realism" approach to the FPS arena.

As with Quake III Arena, gamers want speed, they do not want to feel bogged down by weapons and gear, but feel they can get down a street and take cover while under heavy fire or the wiz of a sniper's bullet. Unless of course that sniper is dialed in, then kiss your ass goodbye.

Urban Terror combined the speed of Quake III and a realism based theme to create the mod we have been developing since 1999. The mod has met with great success over the years, featured in magazines across the world, debuted and demoed at Quakecon in 2000-2002, featured on television and supported by gaming leagues worldwide.

The most important aspect of Urban Terror is the community and the fact the developers take a very hands on approach, interacting with the gamers who play the game. Many of the current features included today have been a result of community input and testing.

In Urban Terror you select from a list of weapons that allows you a primary, secondary and a sidearm as your firepower. With limited 'slots' to carry support items you must decide how you will load out your character before the battle begins.

Over the years FrozenSand, LLC (formerly Silicon Ice Development) has implemented some unique game features that enhance the playability of Urban Terror. One of the earliest features was the implementation of ledge-grabbing. This feature allows a player to jump and grab a ledge in order to pull themselves up. Since then we have added wall jumping and power slding to give the gamer more of an edge.

The introduction of stamina was met with much resistance from the community who felt the speed of the game was being diminished. This coming from an earlier (1.27) version that had no stamina, which played more like Action Quake 2 (for you old timers). While stamina did have an effect on the mod, the community soon adopted it, as in-game medics allow a gamer to be healed up, prevent lose of health and increasing their stamina.

There have been many levels created and supported by Urban Terror over the years, including a Capture the Flag and Bomb/Defuse mode that go along with Team Survivor. Some of the more popular levels include Casa, Turnpike, Abbey, Docks, Uptown, Riyadh, Rommel and Village. Over the years many of these "classic" levels have been updated, some in order to support new game modes or to fix problem areas and create new texture sets for them.

The mod has been in continual development since it's humble beginnings in late 1999. We have seen many team members come and go through the years. Some have been fortunate to be hired by companies such as Ravensoft, UbiSoft, Microsoft and 4D Rulers, thanks to their contributions to Urban Terror and the community.

While the team has continued to change, the core team members have been together for the past 2-3 years, continuing to support the mod and the community through updates and releases. There have been about 60 development team created levels over the years in support of the game.

Recent development has seen the introduction of a new "theme" after floating in the sea of identity crisis since its inception. Gone are military and Cold War theme and in come the Red Dragons vs SWAT. The "bad guys" are known as the Red Dragons, complete with orange prison jumpsuits with their biker chicks dressed in hot, bright leather duds. SWAT really needs no introduction, the best of the best when it comes a quick response, tactical assault team. SWAT pursues the Red Dragons through many unique scenarios (see levels) in hopes of bring them to justice.

All in all Urban Terror truly lives up to the developer's motto, "Urban Terror. Where Quake meets reality."
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