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1 Avi recording

First record a demo (default key = f12), then play the demo and use /video and /stopvideo to record an avi. You can use cl_aviframerate to set the framerate and cl_aviMotionJpeg to choose uncompressed or mpjeg codec. It is recommended to use low resolutions when recording .avi's. Check out this thread as well.

2 Funstuff

You can set funstuff with /funred and /funblue. The options are comma-seperated and depend on your team, race and wearing a helmet or not. They do not work in FFA. Example: "/funred cigar, jason, viking"

Funstuff page in manual: here.

If you want to create your own custom funstuff, check out the forum!

3 Where to find q3config, demos, screenshots & videos ?

You can find your q3config.cfg at:

Linux: ~./q3a/q3ut4/ (/home//.q3a/q3ut4, make sure to enable showing of hidden files to find it)

OSX: //Library/Application Support/Quake3/q3ut4/ ( is the item with the little house-icon)

Windows: installationdir/q3ut4/ (example: C:\Program Files\UrbanTerror\q3ut4\)

If you have Windows Vista and have Urban Terror installed in the 'Program Files' directory and don't use 'run as admin' on Urban Terror, you can often find the config at C:\Users\.yourname.\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\UrbanTerror\q3ut4\ (this is a hidden directory, so enable those in the folder options).

4 ut_timenudge & cl_timenudge

Can you explain the difference between ut_timenudge and cl_timenudge?

They both do the same thing; modify timestamps on packets to make things appear they arrived later then they really did, except cl_timenudge affects your outgoing packets too. This can be exploited to make you appear to warp if you turn it on and off quickly. It can also be used to change how standard Q3 projectiles, like rockets behave, if you use negative values (it fast forwards them along their path a little bit...very silly idea).

The CVAR, ut_timenudge doesn't affect your outgoing commands (so no benefit to negative values), but the server is notified about your "buffer" so that anti-lag can be matched up to compensate for your world-view delay. So basically, cl_timenudge equals exploits and ut_timenudge equals no exploits.
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