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A Load Out Information

You can choose up to three items, depending on how many weapons you have chosen to equip yourself with, and whether or not you have grenades. The combinations of weapons, items and grenades are:

2 weapons, a sidearm, grenades and 1 item
2 weapons, a sidearm, 2 items
1 weapon, a sidearm, 3 items
1 weapon, a sidearm, grenades, 2 items

Note: you must carry a sidearm and knives.

Some items can be turned on and off. You can bind any key to turn items on and off in the controls (Miscellaneous) menu (Press escape, click controls, click the misc button, click on "use item" and then press the key you want to bind). You can also drop your gear and weapons, by binding the corresponding key by selecting and dropping the item. See the Key/Command Chart section for more information. If you have more than one item, you can select the item using next item and previous item keys, which are also bound in the misc menu. If you want to get rid of an item, you can drop it by pressing the drop item key. The drop item key, like all the other item keys, can be bound in the miscellaneous controls menu. There are two kinds of grenades you can use in Urban Terror: smoke and high explosive grenades. All types of grenades can be thrown. To throw a grenade, select grenades as your current weapon and press the fire button (which can be configured through the in-game menus). In Urban Terror, the grenades are thrown using an 'instant arm' system. Instant arm primes the grenade as soon as you pull the pin on the grenade to throw, so you can hold onto it a bit longer, but you will have less time to get away. By default you have 2.5 seconds to get rid of a high explosive grenade before they explode. Smoke grenades will start to smoke when tossed.

The purpose of each individual piece of gear is described below:

B Gear Specs

B.1 Kevlar Helmet and Vest

Kevlar Helmet
The helmet protects your head, and can be the difference between instant death and a severe wound, allowing you to seek medical aid where normally you'd be toast. It will not protect your face, or your neck region, and will not protect you against high-energy projectiles, but it provides excellent general protection against small arms and machine gun fire.

Kevlar Vest
Kevlar is a special kind of strong fabric that is designed to stop bullets. Vests have steel plates called "trauma plates" sewn into them in sensitive locations so that the most delicate areas (the heart region, for example) have extra protection. While Kevlar will not protect you from enemy fire completely, you are far better off wearing it than not. High energy projectiles such as sniper rounds may still penetrate Kevlar. The Kevlar vest works automatically and you do not have to activate it.

B.2 Grenades

HE Grenades
HE grenades set off a large explosion which kills people within a close radius, and severely damages those just outside the radius. These are particularly effective when used against a group of attackers, as a single grenade can kill a number of opponents.

Smoke Grenade
Smoke grenades do no damage to gamers. These can be thrown 30 meters by the average soldier. The grenade emits a dense cloud of red, blue or grey smoke for approximately 20 seconds. They can be used to provide cover in tactical situations, to cover ground movement or impair enemy lines of sight.

B.3 Laser and Silencer

Laser Sight
The laser sight paints a small dot on targets even at extreme ranges to help you determine where your shots will fall. Because the laser sight is of less benefit to players with a high latency (high ping), the laser also makes your groups much tighter (in other words, it makes your shots more accurate). The laser sight can be turned off and on by selecting the laser sight item and pressing the use key. Your enemies will be able to see the red laser dot, so you might want to turn it off when trying to be stealthy.

Silencers work by channeling the gases from a fired bullet though a series of baffles to reduce the noise of the explosion. This results in very quiet operation of the weapon, which is vitally important if your goal is to stay hidden from the enemy. In Urban Terror, the silencer also acts as a flash suppressor so if you are in a dark area, your position will not be revealed. The silencer can be removed and attached to your weapon by selecting the item and pressing the use key. However, if you choose this item in your load out, you do not have to activate it by default.

B.4 Night Vision Goggles

Tactical Goggles
Tactical Goggles makes it easier to see other players, especially in dark areas. They also allow you to see through smoke and will show enemies and friendly players. Once equipped you can turn them on and off by selecting the Tactical Googles item using your next item or previous item keys, and pressing your use item key. While this may sound like the ultimate tool, the main drawback of tactical goggles is that it limits the width of your vision slightly, highlight both enemies and players and show everyone with the same color. Be wary of team kills.

B.5 Medkit

The medkit can be used to increase you ability to heal damaged players. Using the medkit, you can heal players back to 80 percent of their full health, compared to only 40 percent if you don't have the medkit. If you have the medkit item, it will be used automatically when you are attempting to heal other players.

B.6 Extra Ammunition

Extra ammo will double the number of clips you start off the round with. So, normally the Beretta gives you 3 clips (one loaded plus two extra). With the extra ammo item you would get five clips (one loaded plus four extras). Extra ammo does not affect the number of knives you start with, or the number of grenades.

B.7 Bomb Bag

This is the most important item in Bomb-mode. If your team has it, you will need to reach one of the strategic points highlighted on the minimap and plant it. If your team doesn't have it, you better stop the opposing team from planting it! Filled to the brim with high-explosives and user activated detonation trigger... when this baby goes off... you better be some where else!

C Gear Key Assignments

Each weapon and piece of gear is designated with a letter in your configuration file. There are also seven different slots you can fill when you load out your player. You can configure your gear/weapon, so when you start Urban Terror, you will always begin with the same weapons and gear.

Here is a chart to help you set up your player:

Weapon 1Sidearm 2Primary 3Secondary 4Grenades 51st Item 62nd Item 73rd Item 8
Desert EagleG......
SPAS 12.HH....
Colt M4.e.....
Negev LMG.c.....
Extra Ammo....XXX

D Gear Binds

If you look in your config file, you will see a CVAR that looks like this, seta gear "GMIORAA". This is the gear setting, and you can use the letters in the chart above to lock in what gear you want to use. In the example above, the load out would be as follows:

1 Sidearm: Desert Eagle
2 Primary: G36
3 Secondary: MP5K
4 Grenades: HE Grenades
5 1st Item: Kevlar Vest
6 2nd Item: Unused
7 3rd Item: Unused

There are limitations to the load out. As you can see in our example, seta gear "GMIORAA", the last two letters are 'AA'. The 'A' in the chart below signifies that slot cannot be used due to restrictions. *Note: If you select the Negev, you will NOT be able to carry a secondary weapon.

Primary, Secondary, Grenades, 1x Item: ? ? ? ? ? A A
Primary, Secondary, 2x Item: ? ? ? A ? ? A
Primary, Grenades, 2x Item: ? ? A ? ? ? A
Primary, 3x Item: ? ? A A ? ? ?

By following the chart and limitations above, you can mix and match weapons, gear and grenades as your starting load out. Here are some examples of sample load outs.

FLICRAA = Beretta LR300 MP5K HE Vest
FLIAVRA = Beretta LR300 MP5K Laser Vest
FLACVRA = Beretta LR300 HE Laser Vest
FLAAVRT = Beretta LR300 Laser Vest Med-Kit

You can also set up a script (thanks NoLogic of UTScripts) that will allow you to rotate through different weapon/gear loadouts. Just modify the gear setting in the script for the loadouts you want to include.

set lo_01 "set load vstr lo_02; gear FLICRAA; ut_echo LR300/MP5K/HE"
set lo_02 "set load vstr lo_03; gear FLIAVRA; ut_echo LR300/MP5K/Laser"
set lo_03 "set load vstr lo_04; gear FLACVRA; ut_echo LR300/HE/Laser"
set lo_04 "set load vstr lo_01; gear FLAAVRT; ut_echo LR300/Laser/Med-Kit"
set load "vstr lo_01" // Default

bind x "vstr load" // Select Gear
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