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Level design

Spawn Doors

Dedicated spawn areas are quite common in CTF maps such as Docks, Mandolin, Elgin, Harbortown, Prague and Sanc. They protect the players from spawn campers when they are spawning into the game.

The Setup

You'll need a a trigger_multiple and func_door for each exit, and nodrop brushes and mr sentrys for inside the spawn rooms.

The Doors

Each spawn door requires a func_door and a trigger_multiple to tell the door to open when someone wishes to exit the spawn room. The triggers should only be placed on the spawn room side of the door, so people can get out but can not get back in. The doors themselves need to move quickly so they don't restrict the player's movement at all, for this reason spawn doors usually move sideways instead of up or down because they have less distance to move before they are out of the way. Moving up can be reasonable but moving down is almost completely out of the question as players will inevitably end up stumbling over them. Always make sure that there is more than one exit from a spawn room in case a sniper is holding down one exit. If your spawns doors are quite thick, you may want to extend the trigger_multiple into the door a little so that the door cannot shut and trap the player if he stands in the doorway.

The func_door entities require that specific key values are used or they may not act appropriately, these keys are:

CloseWhenIdlemust be set to 1 so that the door shuts as soon as someone leaves the trigger.
trigger_onlymust be set to 1 so that the doors can not be opened by a player pressing +use near them.
waitmust be set to a very low number, less than one second, 0.25 is recommended.

The spawn door triggers have two important keys that have to be set.

waitmust also be set to 0.25 so that the trigger keeps telling the door to stay open.
onlymust be set to the team colour, so either red or blue.

The spawn room

There are two things you need to place inside the spawn room, the Mr Sentry turret and a nodrop brush (or brushes) to stop the flag from being dropped in the spawn room.

Mr Sentry is a point entity, you can find him under ut_mrsentry in the entity list. Mr Sentry has two purposes, firstly he keeps enemy players out of the spawn room, secondly he acts as an anti-flag-camp drone who will kill any flag carrier that tries to hide in they're own spawn room. You shouldn't place Mr Sentry in a location where it can fire out of the spawn room and attack the enemy in the battle field. Mr Sentry needs 3 entity keys setting before it works properly:

gametypeis a list of gametypes to have Mr Sentry appear in, list types in the format: 01234.
teamis the name of the team that the sentry belongs to, so either red or blue.
angleis the initial and idle angle for the turret. Generally point this at or near the Spawn Room doors for highest effectiveness.

You should fill your spawn room with brushes textured with common/nodrop. Nodrop removes any items/weapons that are dropped within them, so flags cannot be dropped in a spawn room. Nodrop brushes are not solid brushes, so player can freely walk through them, so don't be afraid of filling the entire extent of the spawn room with nodrop - floor to ceiling, instead of just a thin layer on the ground; this way you can be sure there no areas that people might be able to drop items on.
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